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Discover how to combine your tastes (and furniture), determine your shared style, save money on DIY projects, and find the right contractors for your first home as husband and wife.
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Your Home
Take tours of newlywed homes and then give us a tour of yours, too. Show us all the DIY projects you have done or the most special design aspects of your home. See submissions

Should Hubby Have a Man Cave?
Get the scoop on whether letting your husband have a man cave in your home will help or hurt your relationship.

How to Pick the Right Paint Colors
Find out how to pick the right paint colors for your home, even if you and your husband or wife can't seem to agree on any of them.

How to Create Your Dream Home
Get advice on how to create the perfect home - room by room - for you and your family. And note how you will love each other ever more in each room of your home.

How to Create a Family Home
Home is where the heart is because home is where your family is. Newlyweds are starting a family - even if they never want children - when they take their vows. And one of the first ways to get your new family started on the right foot is to create a family home, a cozy place for you and your new spouse (and anyone else who might be living with you). Recently, Shannon Honeybloom , author of em M…

Budget Decorating for Couples
Learn how to pull off budget decorating -- without fighting with your husband or wife -- to execute a look in your home that you both like.

How to Overcome Your Different Decorating Styles
Discover how to compromise and create a home when you and your spouse have completely different tastes and style in furniture and interior decorating.

How to Set a Romantic Table
Get product suggestions and advice for setting a romantic table and hosting a fabulous dinner for two.

The Tool Kit You Need for Your Home or Apartment
Find out what tools you need to have on hand in your new home with your spouse.

How to Use Feng Shui to Create a Happy Home
Discover how feng shui can help you create a happy new home -- and life -- with your new spouse.

Keep Your Marriage Intact during a Remodeling Project
Renovating a home can put couples under a lot of stress. Learn how to keep your marriage together while remodeling your home.

How to Set the Mood for Love
Discover the ways in which you can set the mood for love and make sex an experience for all the senses.

How to Create a Home Bar or Pub
Find out how to create a home bar in your place whether you have a tiny apartment or a mansion. Get tips on being a good bartender to boot.

Essentials for the Home
Discover some of the essentials for your home that you should make sure you have.

How to Use Your Spare Room
Find out all the ways you can use that extra room in your home.

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