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Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams


Wedding Date:

March 10, 2009

Relationship Profile:

Singer-actress Mandy Moore and musician Ryan Adams first started dating in December 2007, but the public didn't know of their relationship until March 2008, according to E! Online. But by July 2008, Adams had released a statement saying the two had broken up because of the spotlight constantly being on Moore. In the meantime, according to E! Online, Moore reunited with ex, DJ AM, following his plane crash, but they broke up in December 2008. In February 2009, word got out that Moore was back with Adams when he posted a photo of them together on his Web site. They soon were engaged and by March 2009 they were married.

The Wedding:

Not much is known about Moore and Adam's wedding. They married about one month after they were engaged. They were wed on a Tuesday in Savannah, Georgia. People reports that it was an intimate ceremony. But NZ says that it was just the two of them with the bride wearing a lacy, cream dress and flat sandals and the groom in jeans and a T-shirt. Moore has said that she wanted a small, laid-back wedding. It appears that's what she got. At a launch party for Latisse, Moore showed off her wedding ring.

The Honeymoon:

"Home is honeymoon enough for me," Moore reportedly told E! Online. There is no indication that they are taking a honeymoon. Adams is working on his music career and touring, while Moore is gearing up to release her next album in May 2009.

What the Press Says about Them:

The press doesn't say too much about them because the pair is hush hush about their love. But their relationship seems like something out of a soap opera with its on and off nature and what seems like a whirlwind decision to get engaged and married. Then again, because they are so secretive, only Moore and Adams know what really goes on between the two of them -- as it should be.

What We Learn from Them:

A shared interest in music presumably brings Moore and Adams closer together. It always helps to have a common interest with your husband or wife. It gives you something to do together and to talk about. Avoiding the paparazzi -- and trying to shield your relationship from the spotlight -- is never a bad thing. For those of us who live in the real world, keeping others out of our business is the equivalent of keeping your relationship private.
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