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Romantic Stocking Stuffers


Stocking stuffers can be romantic. All that is required of you is a little thought and creativity. You want small gifts that don’t cost a lot of money but prove you care and didn’t just throw something together at the last minute. Romantic stocking stuffers can usually work just as well as Chanukkah gifts or a just-because present. Here are romantic stocking stuffers that will have your husband or wife swooning to the new year –

Pick a theme.

Lingerie would make a good theme for your wife. You could pack the stocking with different panties – from cotton granny panties to transparent thongs. You could mix it up by also including a sachet or potpourri. If your husband likes to soak in the tub, you could fill his stocking with bubble bath, a back scrubber, sponge, and face cloths. Even if the theme isn’t obviously romantic, it can still spark romance for you. Your spouse will be pleased that you thought about his or her hobbies or passions. For instance, if your guy likes to play golf, he will appreciate a golf-themed stocking and realize you respect his other interests.

Make the stocking the main gift.

Under the tree, you could leave a small present or even clues leading your spouse to his or her stocking, where he or she will find the real present – say an amazing piece of jewelry or tickets for a romantic getaway or a couple’s day at the spa. Many men turn to tricks like this when giving their girlfriends an engagement ring, but that kind of romantic gesture doesn’t have to end when you’re married. Keep it up!

Personalize the stocking stuffers.

You could fill your husband or wife’s stocking with messages about all the things you love about him or her. You could wrap each note like a love letter or include copies of your favorite poems or songs. You could make a mini scrapbook with your favorite photos from the last year you’ve spent together or a CD with songs that make you think of your beloved and stuff that into his or her stocking. The best part about these gifts is that they’re quite meaningful and inexpensive.

Pack the stocking with fun.

Some couples are together simply because they make each other laugh. A smile is often the most romantic response you can get from your husband or wife. If the two of you fit the bill, then you might consider stocking stuffers that will have you smirking. For instance, you could put a deck of cards in the stocking with a note that says, “You, me, and a night of strip poker.” Or you could get novelty gifts. Think whoopee cushions and silly string or colorful condoms and underwear featuring an elephant trunk or a musical reindeer.

Give a “naughty” stocking.

Put a pack of coal in the stocking with a note that says, “I prefer the naughty ones”, along with stocking stuffers, such as fuzzy handcuffs, a kama sutra book, sex games, massage oils, chocolate body paint, and other sexy surprises. Just be sure to share this stocking with each other in private. It could be embarrassing to open this one in front of the in-laws.
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