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Romantic Halloween


Halloween does not have to be scary. In fact, it can be romantic. Maybe that’s why so many more couples are hosting October weddings and therefore celebrating their anniversaries in the fall. You might be wondering how a holiday associated with goblins and witches, ghosts and the macabre could ever be tender, right? Well, the way you celebrate determines the feel of the holiday. Halloween can be more treat than trick. It can be sweet with magical pumpkins, whimsical fairies, and good witches. And, yes, it can be full of passion. Here’s how:

Turn on the scary movies.

Pumpkins - Francesca Di Meglio
Rent classic scary movies – ones that will get your heart racing – and snuggle up with one another on the couch to watch them. You’ll be hugging and clutching one another, and ducking your head into each other’s shoulders at the particularly gruesome parts. Who knows where all that touching will lead?

Serve an all-pumpkin, Halloween-themed dinner.

Pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween. But they don’t have to all be carved into frightening jack-o-lanterns. From pumpkin soup to pumpkin pie, pumpkin can be a delicious ingredient. In fact, you could use pumpkin to make a three-course meal. If you have enough pumpkins, you could cut out the top of one or two and clean out the inside, so it’s hollow. Then, you can use it as a vase for mums, daisies, or even roses (in fall colors, of course) for the centerpiece at your meal. Light some candles and you’re done.

Pick the pumpkins yourselves.

Fall – and the period leading up to Halloween in particular – offers some unique date night ideas. Pumpkin picking is one date that you and your husband or wife would appreciate, especially if you’d like to serve the all-pumpkin, Halloween-themed dinner above. You’ll feel like kids again and end up with some great pumpkins that can be used in cooking or decorating for the season.

Sign up for a hayride.

Often, the pumpkin patches where you can go pumpkin picking or even town halls organize hayrides during the Halloween season. These can be romantic rides for couples in the mood for love. Be sure to steal a kiss from your husband or wife behind one of the hay stacks, where no one else can see.

Exchange treats and not tricks.

Even adults can appreciate the treats that come from trick or treating on Halloween. After all, who doesn’t like Halloween candy? Find out your husband or wife’s favorite type of candy and leave it on the kitchen table with a sweet note. Or you can use those old-fashioned paper bags with the pumpkin on them – the kind you might have gotten for Halloween when you were little – and fill it with a mix of candies and a message from you. Healthier couples could leave out peeled tangerines with a celery "stem" or a trick-or-treat pouch filled with trail mix.

Play dress up and put on a Halloween costume.

Halloween costumes are not just for kids. Adults wear Halloween costumes, too, and this can be a lot of fun for married people. If you really get into it, you might want to spend the evening acting the part. Speak in Shakespearian English if you are Romeo and Juliet or pretend to be outlaws dressed as Bonnie and Clyde. Then, keep on the costume as you make your way to the bedroom. You can stay in character well into the night if you’d like. Wink. Wink.
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