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Romantic Anniversary Dinner


You don’t have to spend a lot of money or even leave your house to enjoy a romantic anniversary dinner. You can have fun – and get right to dessert if you’d like – from the privacy of your own home. With a little planning, a few tips, and a bit of creativity, you can host a party for two that you’ll never forget. Here’s how to plan a romantic anniversary dinner:

Set a romantic table.

Romantic Dining
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The first step in setting the mood is setting a romantic table. For starters, you should use a pretty tablecloth to make it seem like you’re at a fancy, five-star restaurant. Then, you should put a floral centerpiece – perhaps the flowers you had at your wedding – and candles on the table. Use your best dishes, cloth napkins with napkin rings, and lovely silverware.

Decorate your space.

If you’d like to relive your big day, you can strategically place wedding photos near where you’ll be eating or have your wedding video playing in the background. You might also make a banner declaring your love or anniversary wishes to your husband or wife. Get creative and use photos of the two of you through the years or a symbol, such as love birds, that is meaningful to you. Don’t overdo it because you still want the area to look sophisticated and romantic and not like a child’s birthday party.

Choose special gifts for one another.

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your tenth, you should exchange thoughtful gifts. You might consider paper gifts for your first anniversary – or gifts, such as a personalized photo calendar, photo album, or video that pay tribute to the time you spend together. You can also write a lovely love letter and leave these meaningful presents on the chair or at the place setting of your beloved.

Carefully choose a menu.

Cooking for two allows you to pick more sophisticated recipes because you can spend more time on them and don’t have to make mountains of food. Whipping up something special – from filet mignon to butternut squash soup – makes the meal feel like something out of the ordinary. You can make the dishes more gourmet by carefully plating the food. For example, use parsley and lemon to dress up a fish dish or make swirls with chocolate sauce on the plate under cheesecake when you’re ready for dessert.

Dress up.

Even if you’re staying in, you can make the occasion feel more like a night out on the town by dressing up in your Sunday best – an elegant suit for him, a beautiful evening gown or dress for her. Women can do their hair and make-up because this is a real date. Make sure to have something sexy on underneath your clothes, too. The really delicious part of the evening should be in the bedroom.
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