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10 Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are the perfect opportunity to surprise your new husband or wife with a romantic gift. For some, a romantic gift is lingerie. For others, romantic gifts take the form of experiences, such as a fabulous vacation or delicious meal. For others still, romantic gifts could be something thoughtful that shows you are thinking of the receiver and his or her desires and passions. Choosing the right romantic gift for your husband or wife isn't always easy. But here are some holiday gift ideas that might inspire you as you play Santa for your spouse -

1. Jewelry - Heart and Key Chain

Young couple in restaurant with gift
Franek Strzeszewski/Image Source/Getty Images
You can't buy love, but you sure can make a statement with a gift of jewelry. A diamond and 18-karat gold pendant such as this one can shine as bright as your love. The fact that this is the key to your heart makes it as expressive as it is pretty. If you choose to buy jewelry for your new husband or wife, you should pick something unique and suited to your spouse.
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2. Jewelry - Key Ring

keyring - pricegrabber
The man in your life will appreciate a special key ring with a note stating that your love for him is locked in forever. Attaching a key to your new home or car (or a symbolic one to your heart) is a bonus.
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3. Sensual Gifts - Sea Salts

Sea Salts © Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Sea salts, bubble bath, or bath oil are a sure sign that you'd like to give your husband or wife a bath -- and that is quite a gift. Salts from the Dead Sea, like the one here, are said to be great for the skin. But the bath together will be even better for your marriage.
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4. Sensual Gifts - Kama Sutra Gift Tin

Kama Sutra Set - Pricegrabber
A gift basket filled with goodies that you and your new husband can use to enhance your sex life is never a bad thing for a marriage. This particular basket includes oils and flavored body dust for your pleasure.
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5. Lingerie - Garter Belt for Her

Lace Garter Belt - Pricegrabber

A racy pair of underwear or naughty knickers always makes for a great gift for your wife. Something in lace or silk is usually a winner. The best part is that you'll both get to enjoy this gift.

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6. Underwear for Him - Silk Boxers

Silk Boxers - Pricegrabber

Silk boxers are soft, which means you'll want to touch your man's underwear. He'll have no complaints. Trust me. This pair is in festive red, but you could pick from an assortment of colors and sizes. A funny pair of cotton boxers with holiday themes are just as good because they show that you can be both humorous and sexy all at the same time.

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7. Romantic Dinner - Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster Meal - Pricegrabber
A romantic dinner can be a delicious gift for your lover. There's something so lovely about being pampered and served by the one you love every once in a while. If you want to really make an impression, serve something special. Maine lobster will make a big splash but so could something made with truffles, filet mignon, or your husband or wife's favorite meal.
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8. Romantic Dinner - New York Style Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake - Pricegrabber

No romantic dinner would be complete without a decadent dessert. New York style cheesecake fits the bill. But if you're feeling particularly ambitious, you could make your own dessert -- from a whipped cream bikini to chocolate covered strawberries.

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9. Travel - Passport Case Travel Wallet

Passport Wallet - Pricegrabber
Whisking your love to a far-off destination -- from Paris to Disney World -- is romantic and beautiful and wild. Wrapping the tickets in a passport case and travel wallet is a great way to present your generous surprise.
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10. Travel - Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite Luggage - Pricegrabber

A luggage set with a note about all the places you'll go together can be incredibly touching. It is a way to dream and prepare for adventures together. There are few greater gifts in a marriage.

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