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An Affordable Valentine's Day for Newlyweds


Valentine’s Day might seem like an unnecessary luxury for newlyweds, who are watching their money. But with some ingenuity, effort, and love, you can have a great Valentine’s Day on the cheap. Here are some affordable ways to have a lavish celebration:

Run a bath for your spouse.

If your spouse is feeling stressed, what would be better than coming home to a rose-petal path leading to a warm bubble bath and two glasses of champagne? Light some candles and perhaps have some soft music in the background. Your spouse might even invite you to join him or her.

Cook dinner.

Prepare your spouse’s favorite dish, set a lovely table, and get all dressed up for a dinner for two. Staying in is economical, yet a home-cooked meal demonstrates thoughtfulness.

Give each other massages.

Purchase some massage oils – or use the moisturizer already among your toiletries – and treat each other to a peaceful foot or back rub. You’ll relax and a massage might lead to other Valentine’s Day treats!

Write a love letter.

Tell your spouse how much he or she means to you. Spill your guts and seal it with a kiss. Your beloved will be grateful to hear all the ways in which you love him or her.

Make your own box of chocolates.

Purchase a simple gift box and fill it with your spouse’s favorite chocolates and candies. With a personalized box, you can be sure your spouse will like every flavor he or she gets.

Make your own bouquet.

Head to the supermarket and pick up some of the pretty mixed bouquets the store offers. Often, you can pick out three separate bouquets for $10 to $12. Go home and put them in one of your nicest vases or hand tie them in a bundle with a cute bow as a surprise for your spouse.

Go for a walk.

Hold hands and make a trip around the block, to the nearest park or beach, or down Main Street for window shopping. Talk and enjoy just being with each other.

What else? Share your most romantic ideas for an affordable yet fabulous Valentine’s Day at the Newlyweds Forum. We might include them in an upcoming story.
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