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Ultimate Gift Guide


Newlyweds make lots of gift purchases - from presents to thank the bridal party and woo the in-laws to anniversary and "just because" gifts for each other. When the holidays or a big, important birthday rolls around, you can always turn to the ideas we have given you in the past to find the perfect gift. At the very least, these gift ideas will inspire you. Here is a roundup of the best Newlyweds site gift suggestions-

Wedding Photo Gift Ideas

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Your spouse will be delighted to bask in the memories of your wedding day with a gift that highlights your photos and images.

Romantic Holiday Gifts

From sexy to sentimental, gifts can express your true feelings in a way that words can not. These gift ideas say so much to your husband or wife.

Romantic Stocking Stuffers

Whether you are naughty or nice, you will swoon for little presents with lots of thought behind them.

Free Gifts

Even procrastinators can manage to get these gifts, which will cost you nothing but are packed with meaning.

Digital Cameras

Giving a digital camera to a friend or family member is like giving yourself a gift, too, because he or she is certain to document the special memories you share and exchange the photos with you. Discuss the best digital cameras and determine which one would make the perfect gift.

Gift Baskets

House guests – or even your spouse – might enjoy a basket filled with necessities – and a few luxuries.

Beautiful Table Linens

The Martha Stewart types in your life will appreciate beautiful table linens for entertaining.

Delightful Dishes

Newlyweds don’t always get everything on their wedding registries, which usually remain available for six months after the wedding, so why not pick up another place setting or something else they need for their home?


Silverware is the kind of thing that couples never seem to have enough of and rarely buy for themselves. You could buy it for them as a gift.

Mixers for Baking

A Kitchen Aid mixer is a generous gift for the bakers and foodies in your life. You can even pick a color that perfectly matches the décor of their kitchen.

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