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Guide to Anniversary Gifts and Celebrations


Not sure about the wedding anniversary gifts and celebrations you have planned for your spouse? Look no further than this guide to all things anniversary. Here, you’ll find anniversary gift ideas and a couple of surefire ways to celebrate the birthday of your commitment to one another.

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Paper

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Get suggestions for paper gifts to wow your husband or wife on your first wedding anniversary.

How to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

That first year after your wedding can be a tough one for many couples. When the anniversary rolls around, you’ll want to celebrate with verve. Get some suggestions on how to make the first wedding anniversary a very special one.

Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Cotton

Think cotton gifts are unromantic? Think again. You can come up with some unique and special expressions of your love in cotton. Find ideas for your second wedding anniversary here.

Third Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Leather

Leather gifts are not limited to whips and chaps. You can get an elegant and sophisticated gift with meaning in leather for your third wedding anniversary.

Flowers and Their Meanings

Make a statement by giving flowers to your spouse. Use this guide to determine which statement and which flowers to choose.

Romantic Anniversary Dinner

No matter how many years you have been married – one or 50 – a romantic dinner for two is always a great way to celebrate love, inspire romance, and jumpstart passion. Discover how to create the ambiance and menu for the perfect anniversary dinner.

Plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Recreating your wedding day can be a special way to recognize your anniversary -- and to recommit to one another. It can be a big ceremony and reception similar to another wedding or a small, intimate gathering of just the two of you. You can create the celebration that best meets your needs and matches your personalities.

Videos to Help You Plan Your Wedding Anniversaries

Whether you have been married one year or 100, you will find loads of ideas by watching these About.com videos on wedding anniversaries. These brief videos provide expert tips on planning a spectacular, memorable, and appropriate anniversary for your spouse and you.

Videos with Anniversary Gift Ideas

At a loss as to what to get the Mrs. or the Mr.? Have no fear. These About.com videos are chock full of gift ideas that are unique to the number of years you've been wed. Even though the videos provide you with the traditional and modern gift suggestions, they also provide creative suggestions for personalizing these items and making them just right for your spouse and his or her tastes.
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