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20 First Anniversary Gift Ideas


Why mess with tradition? If you're not sure what gift to give your spouse for your first anniversary as married people, then pick up something made of paper. Yes, it can be hard to come up with ideas for gifts of this sort that are still romantic. But it’s not impossible. Here some suggestions that will make your spouse swoon:

1. Tickets

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Pick up tickets for a concert, sporting event, theatrical performance, or even a second honeymoon. Just make sure it’s an event that your spouse will enjoy.

2. Cards

A card you’ve made yourself or a personalized deck of playing cards with a sweet note inviting your spouse to play with you would make fine first anniversary gifts.

3. An Invitation

If you’d like to make dinner or take your spouse out to dinner, you could invite him or her with a lovely invitation that you either make yourself or purchase. It shows you’ve put thought into the evening because you’re tending to the details and still including paper.

4. Bouquet of Paper Flowers

Giving your spouse a bouquet of flowers always makes a big impression. A bouquet of flowers that you either purchase or, better yet, make yourself is an even bigger show stopper. Paper flowers are quite delicate and take a long time to make. Your spouse will know you put in a lot of effort. The best part: Unlike real flowers, paper bouquets never die.

5. Newspaper

Track down a copy of the newspaper from the date and town when you married. Your spouse will be able to keep it as a commemorative item or you could even frame it and hang it in your home.

6. Money

This one is a bit tricky. Some spouses might be offended or feel as though you didn’t put any thought into the anniversary gift. Still, money is made of paper, so it fits the bill. Plus, with money, your spouse could indulge in something he or she really wants. Read your spouse well and determine if this is the right gift for him or her.

7. Scrapbook

A paper scrapbook featuring photos (which are printed on paper) that you have made for your spouse is a truly meaningful gift. It could focus on the wedding or document the entire first year – from the wedding to your first anniversary.

8. Books

A novel or book of poetry that rings true of your relationship or has meaning for you as a couple is a great present for the intellectual pair.

9. A Letter

Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a thoughtful, candid, handwritten love letter. It’s old-fashioned and sweet and will warm the heart of your spouse.

10. You

Wrap yourself in nothing but paper or jump out of a nicely decorated cardboard box to give your spouse a real surprise -- and something lovely to unwrap!
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