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New Year's Eve for 2


Single people put lots of pressure on themselves to find someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Now that you’re married, those worries are behind you. A husband or wife is a built-in date for romantic holidays such as this. You can kick up the romance a notch by hosting a New Year’s Eve bash for two. Light the candles and get ready for a passionate start to the new year. Here are some tips on how to pass the evening:

Underneath Your Clothes

Start off the new year right by wearing clean, presentable, and sexy lingerie. Leave the granny panties and holey underpants in the back of the drawer. The new underthings you received over the holidays or at your bridal shower will put you in the mood for love. If your partner gets the chance to see what you’re wearing under your clothes, he or she will be happy to see you still want to make a good impression. Such gestures are usually rewarded. Hint. Hint.

On Top of Things

Instead of eating dinner in front of the TV, opt to formally set your dining table. Use tablecloths, linen napkins, and fine china and silverware if you have it. Make sure everything matches. Create a pretty centerpiece – roses in a vase or some evergreen branches from outside. If you have New Year’s Eve top hats from the party store, you could use one of them as the vessel for your flowers. Add candlelight for a more romantic effect. Whatever you decide to put on the table, make it festive and fun.

Create a Romantic Menu

Food is love. Certain food can more easily conjure up romance. Aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, might be right. But even less obvious choices could work. Fondue for two is great because your forks can intertwine and you can easily feed each other. Chocolate covered strawberries are another seductive choice. Of course, champagne must be on the table for New Year’s Eve. Think about the dishes the two of you like and how they can be more interactive, and get to cooking. If you don’t like to spend much time in the kitchen, there’s always take out. Just be sure to put the take-out items in nice dishes to give the meal a more elegant feel.

Tell Secrets

Share your secret wishes for the new year with your spouse. When the clock strikes midnight, hand each other pieces of paper with the hopes you have for your life together.

Play Games

Monopoly and Bingo will do. But if you are in a frisky mood, you can always go for strip poker or truth or dare. The point is to have fun, get intimate, and enjoy each other’s company.

The Good Stuff

Finally, you can plant a smooch on your spouse at 12 o’clock in the morning on Jan. 1. If that leads to other things, all the better. Most newlyweds know how to take it from here, so there’s no need for further explanation. And a happy new year it will be!
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