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14 More Ways to Celebrate Feb. 14


Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love in all its glory. It’s a free pass to act the fool, be cheesy, and focus on nothing but romance. Some couples feel pressure to do something spectacular. Often, this leads to disappointment. There are simple, yet creative, ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or do something completely out of your comfort zone. You just have to do something with and for your spouse and spend time together. Here are 14 ideas that will have you and your spouse swooning on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14:

1. Recreate your first date.

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Head to wherever it was that you and your spouse had your first date and recreate it, down to your opening line. This time it should be even better. After all, you can correct anything that went wrong, and you have reached a certain level of comfort with your spouse that was surely lacking when you went on your first date. The best part, however, is the fact that the date doesn’t have to end with the kiss good-night like it probably did when first started dating.

2. Make each other gifts.

Back in the day, you might have made your girlfriend or boyfriend a mix tape. That might still work (although it would be better on an MP3). Or you could make a slew of other gifts – from a wooden jewelry box to an old-fashioned Valentine’s Day card. Gifts made by your hands and with your heart will be more meaningful and sentimental.

3. Feed each other.

Feed each other your favorite foods, no matter what they are. You could have filet mignon next to a bag of potato chips or a dinner of ice cream sundaes and spinach. Make a few of your spouse’s favorite foods and feed them to one another. Feeding each other is a sign of love, and it can be very romantic. Plus, who can resist their favorite foods?

4. Fulfill a fantasy.

Maybe you feel as though you’ve already made your spouse’s dreams come true by marrying him or her. But take this idea a step further. Find out one of your spouse’s fantasies. This doesn’t have to be sexual, although it could be. It could be something like traveling to a particular destination or his or her ideal romantic evening. Then, just make the fantasy a reality. Try to get as many details as you can. Of course, try to keep everything a surprise for more impact.

5. Carry your wife over the threshold.

Once upon a time, grooms always carried their brides over the threshold the first time they entered their home after they married. Today, not every couple keeps this tradition. But it might be nice to carry your bride – no matter how long you’ve been married – over the threshold either to enter the home or to bring her into the bedroom. There’s something “knight in shining armor” about a man who carries his wife into their home.

6. Serenade your spouse.

Some people find that they can better express themselves through song than they can through their own words. You can either sing a song you’ve written yourself or choose one of your favorites. Stand outside the window wherever your spouse is and start singing. If you can’t sing, you can always hold an boom box or an MP3 player (for those living in this century) a la Say Anything and offer the same romantic gesture.

7. Take part in your spouse’s interests.

So, you hate golf and your husband loves it. Or you hate knitting and it’s your wife’s favorite pastime. For at least one day, take part in your spouse’s hobby even if you hate it. The point is to show your spouse that you want to support their hobbies and that you care enough to share in their interests. They might return the favor by supporting you the next time around.

8. Cheer one another.

Toasting a person is a way to tell the world how you feel about him or her and to celebrate someone’s accomplishments and strengths. Husbands and wives, frankly, should be toasting each other all the time. You can toast each other in front of a crowd of friends and family or just the two of you. Grab a glass of champagne or wine or ginger ale (for non drinkers out there), and toast your spouse. Clink glasses and take at least a sip for luck.

9. Be a personal servant for the day.

I’m not suggesting slavery or anything. But it might be fun – assuming your spouse won’t let this kind of power go to his or her head – to offer to run errands and do things upon request for your spouse for an entire day. A reasonable spouse would ask for things, such as running to the post office, picking up groceries, going to the bank, a foot rub, and a bath. While it might be hard work, your spouse will probably be really appreciative when all is said and done.

10. Get a couples portrait.

People are always getting family portraits or portraits of their kids. There are engagement portraits. Of course, at your wedding, you probably had hundreds of photos taken of the two of you. But why not invest in a portrait of the two of you now that you are a full-fledged married couple? It’s nice to have the camera lens trained on the two of you. In fact, you might feel like celebrities. And the portrait will look great over your mantel.
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