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10 Chocolates for Valentine's Day


Chocolates are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day because the sweet stuff is not only traditional, it is also an aphrodisiac. Plus, who doesn't like chocolate? As long as you know your spouse's preferences - milk over dark, truffles over candy bars - you'll be all set to choose the ideal chocolates to present to him or her come Valentine's Day. These gifts are so yummy that you could reserve them for other celebrations, too - from birthdays to anniversaries. Make sure to wrap the chocolates if they are not in a festive box, and you might try feeding them to one another. Here, 10 chocolates for you to consider -

1. Chocolates - Godiva Valentine Heart

Love heart box of chocolates, close-up
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Perfect For - True chocolate lovers will devour this box of Belgian chocolates.

This assortment of Godiva's Belgian chocolates is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. With a crimson fabric cover and rose-shaped bow, you won't have to wrap this gift before delivering it. Although this is a pricier box of chocolates, it sends the message that you want to spoil your beloved, and it makes a great impression with the one who is receiving the Valentine's Day gift.

2. Chocolates - Lindt Swiss Tradition Assorted Chocolates

Lindt Box of Assorted Chocolates - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - Someone with sophisticated tastes will appreciate fine Lindt chocolates.

From hazelnut to coffee, this assortment of Swiss chocolates offers variety and delicious taste to all who eat them. Rich and decadent, Lindt provides that extra something special with its many flavors. Although this box is simple and pretty, you might consider using wrapping paper with hearts or a festive gift bag to present it to your beloved. Since it's more affordably priced than Godiva, you might consider pairing it with a gift of lingerie for your wife or silky boxers for your husband.

3. Chocolates - Olde Naples Chocolate Truffles

Olde Naples Chocolate Heart Truffles - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - The ultimate romantic will adore the heart shape and fine detail of these pretty, pretty chocolates.

Indeed, these chocolate truffles might seem too pretty to eat. But the four-heart assortment, which includes the flavors orange, raspberry, chocolate, and espresso, are too hard to resist. Although the vendor promises that the box is fancy enough to go without wrapping, you should have a gift bag with some colorful tissue paper on hand. The artistically painted, edible, chocolate hearts deserve an extra special presentation.

4. Chocolates - Personalized Candy Jar Filled with Chocolates

Personalized Candy Jar Filled with Chocolates - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - An organized person will enjoy this personalized candy jar keepsake because it will hold their favorite sweets and chocolates long after Valentine's Day.

Being romantic requires choosing the right words to accompany your gifts. This personalized candy jar stuffed with Hershey's hugs and kisses chocolates brings together your sweet words and sweet gift. Whether you engrave the jar with "For the One I Love," or "To My Funny Valentine," your spouse will get as big a kick out of the message as he or she will out of the chocolates inside the jar.

5. Chocolates - Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolates

Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolates - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - Anyone who likes a kick with their chocolate and enjoys a cocktail now and then will be thrilled with this gift.

Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolates provides a bit of the famous liqueur with the sweet stuff. If your spouse enjoys a cocktail or dessert wine or liqueur, then these chocolates make a great gift. You don't have to feel limited to Bailey's Irish Cream. Chocolates with alcohol include everything from Grand Marnier to tequila.

6. Chocolates - Spicy Hot Chocolate

Spicy Hot Chocolate by Lake Champlain - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - People who prefer to drink their chooclate - and don't mind some spice - will have their thirst quenched by this gift.

The recipe for this hot chocolate borrows from the ancient Mayans, and it gets an added dimension of flavor from cinnamon and cayenne. Foodies will appreciate this new twist on traditional hot chocolate. And you'll be sending the message to your spouse that this hot chocolate is as spicy as he or she is to you. Be sure to use some pretty wrapping paper and a ribbon for this simple container when presenting it as a gift, and you might want to include a couple of mugs to boot.

7. Chocolates - Chocolate Truffles and Caramel Tower

Tower of Chocolates and Sweets - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - The guy or gal who wants to make a big splash with co-workers on Valentine's Day will be thrilled when this tower of sweets arrives at the office.

Filled with toffee, chocolate truffles, and caramel candies, this tower of treats is packed with flavor. Promising the best ingredients - from Belgian chocolate to hand-roasted nuts, this gift comes with a heftier price tag than others. But if size matters, this tower makes the cut. You are best to have this delivered right to your beloved, so no gift wrap or tag is necessary.

8. Chocolates - Sugar-Free Milk Chocolates

Hersheys Sugar-Free Chocolates - Pricegrabber
Perfect For - Those who are watching their diet or have diabetes can actually eat and enjoy Hershey's sugar-free chocolates.

Perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions, Hershey's Sugar-Free chocolate shows you care about giving a thoughtful and practical gift and that you pay attention to your spouse's needs and health. These chocolates come in a simple package. You can actually wrap each bar with a personalized wrapper that you design yourself or you can simply use wrapping paper to cover the larger box. Include a special card, and you're good to go.

9. Chocolates - Solid Milk Chocolate Medallions

Solid Milk Chocolate Medallions - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - These cute little medallions are best for those who are a kid at heart and remember getting sweet little valentines in school.

Solid milk chocolate medallions with this heart detail are a throwback to Valentine's Day of yesteryear. Their rich, milky texture will be delightful to bite into, and the design will put you in the spirit of the day. You might have to wrap these in a pretty candy bag or container.

10. Chocolates - Chocolate Dessert Sauces

Chocolate Dessert Sauces - Pricegrabber

Perfect For - This is the right gift for those who are adventurous both in the kitchen and the bedroom.

These sauces will taste as good atop ice cream or the flesh of your beloved. Deliver the gift with a spoon and a smile.

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