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Valentine's Day for Newlyweds: How Different Kinds of Couples Can Celebrate


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Super-Sappy Romantics

Who You Are: You are the type of couple that make other people sick with your public displays of affection and pet names. As a result, Valentine’s Day is your Super Bowl. You may have even married on V-Day, which means this is your anniversary, too.

How You Should Celebrate: A walk on the beach or a horse and carriage ride, depending on your climate, would be the perfect start to your celebration. Then, you should head to either your favorite restaurant or one you’ve been dying to try for dinner. Finally, you should head to the movies to see – what else – a romantic comedy or love story for the ages. Bring the Kleenex and hold hands throughout the flick.

Affordable Alternative: Take the walk nearby your home, which should cost you nothing. Make dinner together instead of going to a restaurant. Rent a movie (think Netflix) instead of going to the theater.

Ideal Gifts: Your pooh bear would most appreciate a handmade card that oozes your sugary devotion.

Type-A Rulers of the World

Who You Are: You two are up and comers in your respective fields. You prefer the city to the country – and you know how to drive a hard bargain. The two of you are rather reserved, but in the privacy of your own home, you can be wild with one another.

How You Should Celebrate: Being part of the in-crowd makes you crave being ahead of trends. Going to an exclusive club or getting into a sold-out show would be the ultimate way to celebrate. The best part: Your love will be impressed by your ingenious methods, go-to style, and negotiation skills.

Affordable Alternative: Sipping champagne and cocktails in the most exclusive club of all – your home.

Ideal Gifts: Jewelry – the bigger and shinier the better – is right for type-A ladies. For men, a classic watch, wallet, money clip, or cuff links will be appreciated. Engraving the gift would be a sweet bonus.

Zen Lovers

Who You Are: You are sensitive to one another’s needs and do what you can to help each other stay grounded and calm. Yoga and meditation might be a part of your life but sex is your favorite stress reliever.

How You Should Celebrate: Couples massage at your favorite spa would be your perfect Valentine’s Day. You’ll zone out, unwind, and be more open to love afterward.

Affordable Alternatives: Give each other massages – and see where that leads.

Ideal Gifts: While you can’t give your husband or wife a new aura, you could give him or her more of yourself by spending more time together. If you want something to wrap, you can put a bow on yourself.

Newlywed Parents

Who You Are: Being just married and having kids can be a challenge. But the two of you are doing the best you can to love each other and raise healthy, strong children. These days your loving moments are spent as a family.

How You Should Celebrate: Pack up the stroller and some snacks and diapers. Head to a nearby theme park or indoor arcade with kids in tow.

Affordable Alternatives: Picnic at the park or in the living room if you’re in a cold climate. The kids will love it if you make a fort with sheets and couch cushions.

Ideal Gifts: Board games to play as a family would be a welcome gesture and a present for all.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Couple

Who You Are: You know who you are. You and your husband or wife loathe Valentine’s Day and any other day where romance is forced upon you by the man. Your wedding was probably gothic and alternative or involved just the two of you and an officiant. Although you mock Valentine’s Day, you still love each other deeply. You just want to define and celebrate love on your own terms.

How You Should Celebrate: You should not because Valentine’s Day isn’t your day. Still, loving each other is a gift you should continuously give one another.

Affordable Alternatives: There isn’t one. Loving each other is free on this and any other day.

Ideal Gifts: A passionate kiss is all you ever want from each other, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or June 14.

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