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Romantic, Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Your New Spouse

The best part? These presents are free yet priceless


Newlyweds often are strapped for cash. But that doesn’t mean your holiday has to be a bust. You still can offer beautiful, memorable, romantic gifts to your new spouse – and they won’t cost you a dime or even a second inside a store. You just have to get creative and think with your heart. Here are some examples of romantic, free gifts to inspire you:

Movie Kiss

Re-enact your favorite big screen smooch. You can take this as far as you’d like. Head to your closet and turn yourself into Indiana Jones or Jimmy Stuart or Catherine Zeta-Jones, whoever you’d like to play. One warning: If you choose the upside-down Spiderman kiss, be careful. You don’t want a trip to the emergency room to slow down your celebrating.

Hollywood Movies

Second Dance

Play your song and pump up the volume. Then, take your spouse by the hand and recreate your first dance as husband and wife. This time, only the two of you will be in the room (unless you do this in front of a crowd during a holiday party, which is not recommended). If a husband tries this with a wife, he will undoubtedly be the receiver of all sorts of ensuing romance. Just make sure to dip your spouse and kiss at the very end.

Do a Wedding Dip

A Bouquet

Head into your backyard or on your street and pick all sorts of freebies. If you’re in a warm climate, pick some of the wild flowers and other blooms available. Pine and other sturdy green trees have lovely long branches hearty enough to make it through the snow if it’s winter where you are. Pine cones, acorns, and bare branches can add pizazz to your bouquet. Mother Nature has many free gifts to offer. You are limited only by your imagination.

Making Gifts from Your Garden

Breakfast in Bed

Heat things up in the kitchen by whipping up pancakes, eggs, bacon – whatever delights your love will find yummy – and carrying it all to the bedroom for breakfast in bed. Nothing could be more delicious!

Breakfast in Bed for Your Valentine

Love Letter

Write a note to your spouse explaining how special this holiday season is now that you’re finally married. Share how you feel about him or her. Tell your spouse what you hope the new year will bring you. Be honest and sweet and loving. It will win you points every time.

How to Write a Love Letter

Build a Fire

If you have a fireplace, set a fire and grab some pillows and blankets. Make some hot chocolate or break out the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows for s’mores. Get cozy in front of the fire (even an electric fireplace will do). Be sure to get close and snuggle. That is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your relationship.

How to Make S’mores

Clean House

Do your spouse’s household chores and your own for one week. This is a practical gift that can also be super romantic. Many spouses – especially those who take on most of the domestic duties – find that a helpful gesture from their husband or wife is a big turn on. Wait are you waiting for? Pick up a mop and get moving.

To-Do List of Household Chores for Newlyweds

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