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Halloween Costumes for Couples - Famous Lovers


Barack and Michelle Obama - Scott Olson/Getty Images

Halloween is a great excuse to dress up as the President and First Lady. © Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

When you’re still in the honeymoon phase, Halloween does not have to be scary. It can be romantic. The first step to setting the right mood is choosing the right costume for the two of you. You might already feel like star-crossed lovers, so why not consider some of history and popular culture's favorite couples. You could either track down these costumes to rent or buy or you could come up with DIY versions. Here are some suggestions for couples’ costumes:

1. Romeo and Juliet

Sure these two had a tragic end. But there may never have been two people more in love. Willing to pursue love at all costs, Romeo and Juliet are the perfect costumes for couples that live for romance and strongly defend their commitment no matter what challenge comes their way. You can pull this off by wearing Shakesperian era garb. Or you could turn to the various Romeo and Juliet movies for inspiration. A white dress with wings for her and knight's armor for him a la Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio is easy to do and will be memorable with others.

2. Tarzan and Jane

The animal lust between these two is unforgettable. Certainly, we can all relate. After all, just about every wife has tried to tame and domesticate her husband, no? Tarzan and Jane are great for a wild and passionate couple. Get out the jungle gear to make this costume. A loin cloth for him and a one-shoulder leopard-patterned dress for her is all it takes to make these costumes.

3. Antony and Cleopatra

Take a page out of history and pretend to be this extraordinary couple. If you want people to really know who you are, then dress up like Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, when they played the iconic couple on the big screen. This get up is not that difficult to manage. Hubby needs to wear an emerald green shirt accentuated with some gold armor and wifey gets to do dramatic eye makeup and put beads in dark black hair (either your own or a wig). Just Google a few pictures from the film and you'll see what I'm writing about.

4. James Carville and Mary Metaling

Political geeks will get a kick out of this couple that comes from different sides of the aisle. They're like a breath of fresh air - managing to marry and raise a family together despite their polar opposite political views - in a world where Congressional Democrats and Republicans never seem to reach a compromise. To channel your inner Carville and Matalin, you just need to get out your fine, executive suits. Men should go bald and sport wiry glasses to become Carville. Speak with a southern drawl for added effect. For Mattalin, you just have to wear sensible, short hair (wig or natural) and a string of conservative pearls with your skirt suit. Print out a Democratic donkey and a Republican elephant to carry around, so people are sure of their political stance, too.

5. Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

Of course, you could dress up like JFK and his elegant wife Jackie. But that wouldn't be nearly as naughty - or fun - as posing as the Prez and his famous, sultry mistress. Her signature white dress and heels, along with blond locks, is all you need to get her look. Just make sure to be prepared if someone blows air up your skirt. And JFK requires a sensible suit and preppy, clean-cut hair.

6. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

You can bring to life everyone's favorite cartoon couple by dressing like the Flintstones. If you have friends who will be joining you, they can dress like Barney and Betty Rubble. If you have kids, you have built-in Pebbles and Bam-Bams.You can buy the costumes or you can try making them yourself. Felt could work well. If you're Wilma remember your big chunky pearl choker. Fred is going to require one of those Bedrock ties.

7. Bonnie and Clyde

Outlaws and lovers, Bonnie and Clyde drew attention for their bad behavior during the Great Depression. While their real-life story was hardly as sexy as it was portrayed (they did live a life on the run and robbed and killed numerous people as part of a gang before getting killed themselves by law enforcement), they still make for fun Halloween costumes. And their look is probably easy enough to pull off with stuff from your very own closet. Photos of the couple and the actors (Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway) playing the couple in the 1967 movie show a man in a typical 1930s suit and hat and a woman in a knit dress and scarf. Of course, they are both toting pistols.

8. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

I know. I know. They broke up years ago, and they are both with other people now (and have had children with these other people). But I still can't let go of what could have been with these two. Their brief marriage, which played out on reality TV, captivated the nation. Who can forget Jessica's questions about tuna being chicken? We were all rooting for them to work out. On Halloween, we can dress up like them and pretend the divorce was a bad dream. Jessica requires big boobs and blond locks, while Nick needs some muscle (real or imagined).

9. Guinevere and Lancelot

These two brought down King Arthur's Round Table with their love. Theirs was a sad end - Lancelot ended up a hermit and Guinevere lived her last days as a nun. But their inability to stay away from each other to pursue forbidden love puts them on top of the list of Halloween costumes for couples that put love above all else. Draping princess gear, replete with bell sleeves, makes for the perfect Guinevere outfit, while Lancelot is often seen in either a cape and prince-like attire or knight's armor.

10. Sonny and Cher

You've probably started singing, "I've got you babe." It will be stuck in your head until at least one week after Halloween. You're welcome. Do I even have to tell you how adorable these two were together? Just watch their old variety show if you don't believe me. And, of course, their hippie gear is an easy costume to make and looks great in photos. Hello Facebook!

11. Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler

If you're a southerner or always wanted to be one, this is the couple for you. Although O'Hara was in love with Ashley for most of the book, her passion for Butler grows. Anyone who has seen the movie will never forget Clark Gable as Butler carrying Vivien Leigh as O'Hara up that long, winding staircase. To transform into the South's most iconic couple, turn to the movie and Gable and Leigh for inspiration. Ladies can don a big southern belle ball gown, while the men sport a Civil War era suit. 

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