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Entertaining & Celebrations

Find out how to be the perfect party hosts and get great ideas for celebrations and holidays. Learn what makes the best first anniversary gifts, how to create traditions, throw a fabulous party, and celebrate your first holidays as a married couple.
  1. Anniversaries (17)
  2. Christmas and Holidays (15)
  3. Halloween (9)
  4. New Year's Eve (4)
  5. Thanksgiving (6)
  6. Valentine's Day (13)

Most Romantic Birthdays
Get ideas from real couples on how to make your spouse's birthday the most romantic ever.

How to Throw a Surprise Party
Learn how to throw a surprise party for your spouse's birthday.

Romantic Gifts for Him
Get ideas for choosing romantic gifts for men. You can give these presents to your husband for his birthday, anniversaries, or holidays.

Newlywed Game Questions
Use these questions to play a newlywed game at home with other couples.

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day
Discover the gifts mom really wants for Mother's Day.

Gift Baskets for House Guests
Newlyweds often have house guests, and they want to step things up from when they lived in dorm rooms or apartments with roommates. Gift baskets are a nice way to welcome house guests to your home. The gift baskets don’t have to be filled with expensive treats either, just some necessities that will help your guests relax and enjoy their stay. In fact, your local dollar store or pharmacy probab…

6 Tips for Being a Good Hostess
Learn how to be a great hostess and make a great impression with guests whether you're holding a BBQ party in the backyard or a formal dinner in the dining room.

4th of July for Couples
Discover how to make the fourth of July a romantic holiday for two.

Ultimate Gift Guide
Get gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list no matter what holiday or occasion you are celebrating. Included in this ultimate gift guide are suggestions for the nice (your mom or Aunt Bea) and the naughty (your sexy husband).

Newlyweds Guide to Entertaining
Newlyweds are often called upon to entertain guests and many have limited experience hosting house parties or dinners for friends and family. But with a few simple tips and an easy-to-execute plan, you can come off as the next Martha Stewart. Here is the Newlyweds Guide to Entertaining:

Flowers and Their Meanings
Flowers are the perfect gift for anyone. Even though fresh flowers only last a few days, they are a vision of beauty and demonstrate your love and thoughtfulness. Flowers bring with them specific meanings. Doing a little research before making your purchase can help you send the perfect message. If you want to make a particular statement with flowers, you simply have to unlock each breed s meani

20 Ideas for Centerpieces
Get suggestions on how to make simple centerpieces when entertaining guests at your home.

Birthday Ideas for Your Husband or Wife
Get and share birthday ideas on how to celebrate your husband's or wife's birthday.

How to Create a Home Bar or Pub
Find out how to create a home bar in your place whether you have a tiny apartment or a mansion. Get tips on being a good bartender to boot.

Common Wedding Vows
Find common wedding vows for a number of religions and even humorous vows for your wedding or vow renewal.

How to Plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony
If your friends and family could not all be there for your wedding or you simply want to again pledge your commitment to one another (perhaps for an anniversary), you should consider having a vow renewal ceremony. It can be as modest or as elaborate as you and your husband or wife would like. Here’s how to plan a vow renewal ceremony:

How to Plan Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Find out how to plan a bachelor party or bachelorette party that will not ruin your marriage before it starts.

How to Throw a Bridal Party Brunch
Find out how to throw a brunch for your bridal party after your wedding to thank them for all they've done for you throughout the wedding planning and your wedding day.

Wedding Photo Gift Ideas
When the wedding is over, the pictures and video are all that you have to reflect on the big day. That's why gifts that help newlyweds make the most of their wedding photos are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Here are some great wedding photo gift ideas:

Advice for Newlyweds: How to Be Prepared for Uninvited Guests
Get a surefire tip for being prepared for uninvited and unexpected guests at your home.

10 Tips for Easy Entertaining
Newlyweds are often new to the world of dinner parties and entertaining. Get tips on how to be a pro party planner right from the start.

Fall Date Night Ideas
Get ideas for fall date nights that you and your spouse can enjoy as the air turns brisk and the leaves change colors.

Traditional First Anniversary Gifts
Get suggestions for great, traditional gifts for your first wedding anniversary.

Mother's Day for Your Wife
Get suggestions on how to celebrate Mother's Day with your wife.

Birthday Ideas for Your Spouse
Get birthday ideas for celebrating your spouse's big day in simple ways that are sure to make him or her feel special.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day with Your Mother-in-Law
Get suggestions on how to celebrate Mother's Day with your mother-in-law based on the type of relationship the two of you have.

Father's Day for Your Husband
Get suggestions on how to celebrate and honor your husband on Father's Day.

Popular Halloween Costumes
Check out some of the popular Halloween costumes for couples in 2011.

How to Celebrate Father's Day with Your Father-in-Law
Discover five ways to celebrate Father's Day with your father-in-law to enhance your relationship and get closer to your new family.

5 Ways to Ring in the New Year
Get ideas on how to ring in the new year with the one you love, and keep from letting New Year's Eve be its usual let down.

Halloween Costumes for Couples: Famous Lovers
Get ideas for Halloween costumes of famous lovers, perfect for couples looking to have a sweet, not scary, Halloween.

Super Sandwiches
Get recipes for super sandwiches that will have your guests or your spouse thinking that you slaved in the kitchen and have become the next Martha Stewart.

Valentine's Day Gifts
These traditional Valentine's Day gifts are guaranteed to make your beloved feel extra special on the most romantic day of the year.

Romantic, Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Your New Spouse
Get ideas for romantic, last-minute gifts that are free and can only be found in your heart. Your new spouse will swoon when you give these presents to him or her.

St. Patrick's Day for 2
Discover how you and your spouse can have a celebration for two on St. Patrick's Day that is part revelry and all romantic.

The Gift of a Better Marriage
Learn how to give the gift of a better marriage for the holidays, a special occasion, or just because you want to improve your life together.

How to Surprise Your Spouse with a Vacation

Can We Afford To Throw a Housewarming Party?

Easter Basket Ideas for Your Beloved
Get ideas for creating Easter baskets, fit for a grown up and that your beloved would love to receive.

Easter for 2
Get ideas on how to celebrate Easter with your husband or wife.

Passover for 2
Learn about how to celebrate the Jewish holiday, Passover, with your spouse.

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