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How to Make a Wedding Video


After your wedding, the pictures are not necessarily the only memories left of the big day. You probably also have wedding video that either a professional videographer or your friends and family filmed. Even if you only have wedding pictures, you can still create a wedding video. You just need a little bit of time, the right equipment, and flowing creative juices. Here’s what you need to do to make a wedding video:

Work with a videographer.

Guest taking video of Bride and her bridesmaids
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If you hired a professional videographer to make your wedding video, you should check in with him at some point after the wedding. Usually, the videographer will send you the raw footage – every moment that he captured of your big day – for you to view. Then, he will have you fill out forms that ask about the moments that you want to include and anything that must be removed. Get rid of your dad tripping on the steps of the church but keep him walking you down the aisle, for example. He might also ask for music selections that you’d like to have playing during the edited version of the film and any other preferences. Finally, he’ll make the film and deliver it to you.

Gather the art for your scenes.

With or without the videographer, you might want to make your own wedding video. The first step of creating a DIY film is getting all the photos and video bits downloaded to your computer. Then, you have to move all the photos and video you plan to use to a movie maker program, such as iMovies or Microsoft Movie Maker, to create the final product.

Organize your photos and video.

You should organize the photos and video either chronologically or in some other way that will make sense to the viewer, such as grouping all the photos of the bride and family in one section and the groom and family in another. You should tell a story with your video, so you should try and get images or video that capture the big moments of the big day – from walking down the aisle to cutting the cake.

Get creative with how you display the images and video.

Programs, such as Microsoft Movie Maker and iMovies, offer lots of tools to spruce up your film. You can adjust the movement of a photo by having it pan up from the bottom of the bride’s train to her face, for instance. You can also input transitional flashes between photos and videos, such as a rippling effect or the turn of a page. Some movie programs offer neat templates that might make your scenes look like the pages of an album. Title pages and closing credits are also a nice touch. Play with the program and read the directions in the help section.

Add music and voice overs.

After you have the photos and video set up the way you’d like, you might consider adding music or voice overs as the images come up on the screen. For video that features audio, you can make the music silent or simply not place any music in that section. Music is a great way to bring your video to life, especially in the parts that are of photos and not actual video.

Share your video.

If your video is 10 minutes or under, you can post it to YouTube and share the link with your friends and family. One warning: if you want to post to YouTube, use the music that YouTube recommends because other music will be muted on the site. In addition, you should make sure you own the rights to the photos and video that you are using. Check with any professionals you hired and find out if you have permission to use the material or need to give them credit. You can also copy the video onto CDs or DVDs and give them to people as gifts. Or you can have everyone over to your place for a wedding video viewing.
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