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6 Ways to Insure a Romantic Honeymoon


After the stress of planning a wedding, spending time with in-laws, and launching into an entirely new life, you and your spouse deserve – and quite frankly need – a romantic and relaxing honeymoon. But the honeymoon often takes a backseat to the rest of your wedding planning and becomes more like an afterthought than the main event that it should be. When that happens, the honeymoon can end up being less magical than you hoped. A little preparation and forethought, however, can make your honeymoon your best trip ever – and the perfect way to start your new, happy life. Here, 10 ways to insure a romantic honeymoon:

1. Choose the right destination.

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If you want to lounge on the beach and your spouse would rather hike mountains, try to find a destination that offers both. To get romance, you’re not limited to a one-size-fits-all resort honeymoon package. Decide what’s right for the two of you. If one of you is feeling resentful of the other’s choice, romance will get lost. Even if money is tight, you should consider all your destination options. Many places, such as Costa Rica and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, offer beach and adventure. You’re likely to find what you both want in one destination, if you just do a bit of research. Google, travel agents, Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and About.com’s honeymoon and travel sites are all great places to start your search.

2. Stick to a budget.

Talking about money might seem unromantic. But it’s better than fighting about money later, which is probably the worst romance killer. Together decide how much money you would like – and can afford to spend – on your honeymoon. Then, stick to the agreed-upon budget. Avoid going into debt for your honeymoon. Much like the wedding, the honeymoon is not a great investment for your financial future, which is why it makes for bad debt. Besides, the trip doesn’t have to cost too much; the most important thing is to be together and enjoy each other’s company. You can even have a great honeymoon at home.

3. Pack properly.

Be sure to carry necessities – from Immodium to clean underwear. If you forget something like prescription medicine and you can’t get it at your destination, you’ll be in a sour mood – and you may have to jump through hoops to get it. Read the materials that come with your vacation package. The resort or tour operator might tell you to bring things, such as a formal outfit for particular dinners, bug spray for a hike, or snorkeling equipment. You’ll be more relaxed if you’re prepared, so make it your business to learn these things ahead of time. Of course, bring along some additional fun – sexy lingerie, massage lotion, and edible body paint are some suggestions.

4. Go with the flow.

Some things will be out of your hands. Flights will be delayed. It could rain the whole week of your beach vacation. Tour operators might disappoint you by charging you too much for an incomplete tour. Don’t let these kinds of things get to you because crankiness is unsexy. It can also be contagious and lead to unnecessary bickering. Try to make the best of whatever comes your way. Bring cards to play if your flight is late. Make love and go out to eat (or order in room service) if you’re rained out. Ask for money back from the tour operator when your trip is over and strike out on your own to explore your destination. The important thing is that you are relaxed, devoted to one another, and together. Nothing else matters.

5. If possible, unplug your life.

Leave the laptop at home and shut off the BlackBerry. Tell your boss you are on your honeymoon and need to chill out, so you won’t be as available as usual. If you can’t be completely MIA for the entire honeymoon, you should designate times when you’ll be off limits, such as dinner, so you and your husband or wife are sure to have some uninterrupted alone time.

6. Make sex a priority.

Yes, taking in the culture of a place, touring, participating in adventure sports, are all fun things to do together on your honeymoon. Yes, you should book a few of these types of activities. But your honeymoon should not be jam packed with events and activities. There should be time to do nothing at all except be naked and have sex. This is the perfect opportunity for intimacy. You can build on the joy of your wedding and the closeness you felt.
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