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8 Must-Have Products to Pack for Your Honeymoon


You might put planning and packing for your honeymoon on the back burner while you're focusing on the wedding. But there are some products that you should definitely pack for the honeymoon to make sure things go smoothly and nothing gets in the way of your good time. Here's a checklist of what you need to pack for your honeymoon:

1. Toiletries and Medicine

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Sunblock is the first thing you should throw into your toiletry bag because you need this regardless of the weather where you're going to be. This particular Neutrogena sunblock is great because you don't get that greasy feeling, and you won't break out from using it. You should also be sure to pack any prescription medication you might need and other over-the-counter basics such as Tylenol, Immodium or another anti-diarrhea medication, Benadryl in case you're allergic to something, and bug spray if you're going to a humid hot spot. These items are especially important if you're planning to be in a foreign destination, where you might not be familiar with the medication.
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2. Appropriate Attire

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Although a good honeymoon means spending a lot of time together in bed, you will need clothes for whenever you want to venture out of your room. Make sure to bring clothes that will suit the climate you're entering. Consider bringing T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and other items you can easily layer, so that you can add or remove clothes to adjust to the temperature. A good pair of jeans and comfortable shoes are must for any climate. And you should also bring a swimsuit even if you're going to a ski lodge in the winter. Most hotels have hot tubs or pools that you might want to use regardless of the weather.
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3. Beach Gear

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Most couples head to the beach for their honeymoon. If you fall into that category, you should make sure to have sunglasses, beach towels (if your hotel or resort does not provide them), flip flops, and anything else that will make your day at the beach more luxurious and comfortable. Time on the beach is also a chance to show off your hip style by wearing swimsuits with flair, such as these board shorts by Ed Hardy.
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4. Luggage Tags

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No one wants to spend extra time searching for their luggage when they arrive at their honeymoon destination. If you have black suitcases like everyone else, then you should either tie a pretty bow in a shocking color to your bags or choose luggage tags that are colorful and unique. This way, you'll spot your luggage right away and be sure to have your address on your stuff in case any of your luggage gets lost.
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5. Digital Camera

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Many of you probably registered for a new digital camera. Now's the time to put the digital camera to good use. Others will probably photograph you at your wedding. But you will be the photographer of your honeymoon, and an easy-to-use digital camera will make that job easier for you. If you can't afford a digital camera for your getaway, consider picking up a disposable camera. You'll want to preserve these memories.

6. A Bit of Nostalgia

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Carrying some sort of reminder of your wedding is a great way to start your honeymoon on the right foot. If you can get a hold of some wedding pics from your friends and family, you can print them out and use this tote to carry around your memories -- and the purpose of your trip. You might also bring along your thank you cards and start writing them on the plane or in the train or back at your room while you're kicking back.
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7. Sexy Accessories

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The honeymoon is about spending time with each other -- and having sex. This vacation is supposed to be about passion and romance and expressing your love for one another. It's a great excuse to spice things up in the bedroom. Bring your best lingerie and any toys -- from edible body paint to those pink fuzzy handcuffs you received for your bachelorette party. Just be sure that whatever you bring is something with which you and your husband or wife are comfortable. If you're new to sex or have any pain when having sex, you should remember to pack personal lubricant. It can really help make sex more enjoyable and pain free.
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8. Fun and Games

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Carrying travel games, such as Monopoly Express, is a great back up. You never can tell if it's going to rain in a tropical destination or if you'll get stuck at the airport. A board game can keep you occupied and entertained when you've had enough sex and there's little else to do. Consider board games your Plan B.
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