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Morning After Wedding Photos


You might be surprised to learn that some newlyweds are hiring photographers to take morning after wedding photos. Some of these photo sessions have featured fully clothed couples jumping on their bed at home or lounging in each other's arms on the couch or cooking - as in whipping up a meal - in the kitchen. They were taken, not necessarily, the morning after the wedding but within the first few weeks or so of marriage. They are simply another way to document your new life - and perhaps create art for the walls of your home.

The morning after wedding photos that have gotten attention from news outlets and bloggers are far raunchier. They tend to feature the newlyweds in various stages of undress in sexual poses. They might be in their underwear in an embrace on their dining room table or with their pants around their ankles or pressed up against each other in a steamy shower. ABC News and the Huffington Post have covered these photo shoots, and there is a healthy debate within the industry about whether this is actually a trend or the invention of one or two photographers looking to get attention and cash in on weddings yet again, according to the Huffington Post. Some of the people who have had these photos taken have posted them on social networking sites or discussed openly how they placed the images in coffee table books that they shared with friends and family. Sounds embarrassing, but who are we to judge, right?

There are some couples who want to have these racier morning after photos taken for posterity. In one article by The Week, a young woman who posted her morning after photos on Facebook said she would one day show them to her kids. Yes, you read that correctly. Wouldn't you want to see your parents practically having sex during a photo shoot? You should be shaking your head, if not your fist, right about now. Those who are pro-morning after photo shoots say they are a beautiful way to demonstrate the passion and love newlyweds have for one another, an extension of the wedding day photos.

At least one therapist quoted in the stories about morning after photos argues that having these on file can be helpful to a marriage. Why? Because when times are tough, you can look back at these photos and think about how passionate you were about each other and try to get back to that place, she argued. Couldn't you do the same just by looking at your wedding day photos? Others who had gotten the photos taken thought it was a sexy game or way to hang onto your youth - and honor the hot body you have now because you won't have it forever. If that's your reasoning, take a picture of the two of you in your bathing suits (not birthday suits) while on the beach on your honeymoon.

While many photographers appreciate the idea of photographing couples shortly after they wed (without the craziness of having all those friends and family and fussy attire), many find these sexier photo shoots off putting and even distasteful and have said so in public conversations on the subject. They argue that this is just another example of how people have begun to overshare their private lives, a la reality TV and constant Tweets and Facebook messages. Some photographers won't take these kind of photos. Period. Then again, couples have been photographing and filming themselves in all sorts of provocative situations for ages. Is this that different? Would you take morning after wedding photos? Tell us what you think in a discussion thread about this at the Newlyweds Forum.

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