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15 Valentine's Day Surprises


It's hard to make every holiday and occasion special when you're married. Valentine's Day is one of those holidays you've celebrated a million times, and it seems impossible to top your earlier celebrations. Instead of griping about it or ignoring the chance to celebrate again, consider it a challenge and get to planning. You don't have to go it alone. To help you brainstorm, here are 50 ways to surprise your spouse on Valentine's Day or any day you want:

1. Love Notes

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Put one love letter a day somewhere your spouse will find it every day in February or during the week of Valentine's Day. Make the Feb. 14 letter extra special by attaching it to a gift or simply making it more meaningful than usual. Be sure to spill your guts and let your spouse know just how much he or she means to you.

2. Renovate and Renew

Maybe you've been putting off a DIY project in the house, such as painting the living room or putting down laminate floors. Hop to it. See if you can get your spouse out of the house long enough to complete the project, so it can really be a surprise. Of course, make sure this is something your spouse wants. It won't be a good surprise if you paint the house blue - the color you wanted - and your wife wanted it to be gold.

3. Dance, Dance, Dance

Wife wants to waltz? Take dance lessons together or take to the Internet, learn the steps, and teach her. She'll be surprised both by your willingness to dance with her and your prowess.

4. Feed Your Love

Hubby craves a gourmet French meal? Take a cooking lesson and cook him something special and with love. If you're already a great cook, just pick a favorite recipe and whip it up.

5. Take to the Sky

Rent a hot-air balloon and take your spouse for a ride he or she will never forget.

6. A Pet to Love

Get a puppy. Cats are good, too. If these pets are too high maintenance for you, consider something that requires less care - Japanese fighting fish, hermit crabs, etc.

7. Pretty Pics

Schedule a photo session to have portraits done of the two of you. Who says nice pictures have to be reserved for weddings and newborns? Then, you can frame the pictures and use them to decorate your home.

8. A Few of Your Favorite Things

Plan a day of favorite things. If your spouse likes picnics, flowers, playing frisbee, root beer floats, and you in a suit, then make sure all those things happen in one single day.

9. Cool Coupons

Make a coupon book for your spouse. Instead of the usual promises of massages, kisses, and sex, opt for things your spouse can really use. Think take your car for an oil change, pick up your dry cleaning, or sweep the kitchen floor.

10. Sweet Tunes

Fill a new MP3 player with favorite songs that reveal your feelings for your spouse. Consider this the modern version of a mix tape.
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