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Videos - Date Nights and Romance Ideas


Everyone can use a hand when it comes to keeping the romance alive in her relationship. You have to put in effort to make sure that passion endures and both of you feels loved. Date nights and romantic gestures help keep passion alive in your relationship. They also help your marriage feel fresh, even if you’ve been married more than a few years. And your wedding night is the perfect time to set the standard of romance for your marriage. It’s the best way to start off your marriage on the right foot.

About.com offers a slew of videos to help viewers best handle a variety of challenges in their relationship, including upping the romance quotient. Here is a roundup of the videos focused on helping couples be more romantic and grow ever closer – from their wedding night through their marriage:

10 Date Ideas for Foodie Couples

Couple hugging and looking at seedling
Lilly Roadstones/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Get tips on how to enjoy fine food and drink together. These are delicious ideas, perfect for a couple that is passionate about eating. There are even some suggestions that have the couple cooking or preparing food together, which can be fun, too. One idea – about growing a vegetable garden – is perfect for married couples, who have a long-term vision for their relationship.

10 Date Ideas for Sporty Couples

Enjoy a little competition? Then, you might get a kick out of some of the suggestions on this list of ideas on how couples can enjoy sports or outdoor activities, such as hiking, together. A little sweat is a good thing for couples. It might lead to getting sweaty together in the bedroom.

10 Date Ideas for City Dwellers

If you live near a city, you can make it your playground for romance. While this video offers lots of suggestions on what to do outside of your home, it also includes some fun ideas on how to spend an affordable date night without leaving your couch. Of course, you should also feel free to explore the wonders of the city closest to you. For example, if you live in New York, go to the top of the Empire State Building together or ice skate at Rockefeller Center.

10 Great Date Night Ideas

Discover traditional date night ideas that will have your heart singing. These suggestions are simple but delightful. And they will help you get to know each other better and grow more intimate. Whether you’re planning a picnic or renting a favorite video, you will be relaxing and spending quality time together. That’s all that matters.

Tips for Improving Romance

No one ever says she gets too much romance. Since you can never have too much romance in your life, you should aim to constantly improve your wooing skills. While this is not a video about date nights, there are ideas about improving romance that feature date night suggestions, such as taking a class together.
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