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Ideas for Romantic Dinners


Romantic dinners are a great way for couples to reconnect with one another, celebrate special occasions, and keep alive the spark in their relationship. You can have romantic dinners at home with one another whether you like to cook or not. Romantic dinners at home just take a little thought and minimal preparation. The best part is that romantic dinners at home mean you’ll have nowhere to go when the romance leads you to get frisky. Another benefit is the cost. Eating home is way cheaper than going out to expensive restaurants. So, use your imagination and start planning your romantic dinners at home. Here are some suggestions for romantic dinners at home:

Dinner in Bed

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Get in your sexiest PJs and bring dinner into the bedroom as you would breakfast. You can have breakfast for dinner. Think pancakes, waffles, or French toast. Or you can make something simple like a salad or panini. There’s also always Chinese takeout. Whatever you eat, your next move is clear. Hop into bed, feed each other, and get cozy for the night. The dishes can wait until morning.

Candlelight at the Table

Set the table with your finest dishes and silverware, and light your candles. The table will be aglow with your love. A beautiful bouquet of flowers should be front and center. Because of the formality you might want to dress up in nice clothes – a beautiful gown for the wife and a suit for the husband. For this meal, you need some fancy food. If you’d rather get takeout, sushi or Italian (not pizza) would be ideal choices. The sky is the limit if you’ll be cooking for yourself – homemade pasta, melt-in-your mouth filet mignon, or soufflé. With this kind of formality, you might opt for dancing to your wedding song after the meal is complete.

Tailgating on the Couch

If you’re both sports fans, dress up in your team’s jersey, and get ready to cheer them on. You can put out your favorite snack foods – from potato chips and dip to Buffalo wings. Those rooting for different teams can make friendly wagers with one another. For example, if your team wins, your husband has to give you a massage. Or if his team wins, you have to wash his car. Carry your pennants, trash talk each other (in a joking way, not seriously), and watch the game in each other’s arms.

Picnic in the Living Room

Who says you can only picnic outdoors? Roll out one of your best blankets and serve your meal on your best paper plates in the living room. Drink champagne or wine out of plastic glasses as you would if you were having a traditional outdoor picnic. Serve things, such as cheese and grapes or sandwiches or egg salad. If you have a fireplace, you should set up your indoor picnic right in front of it. Fire makes it all the more romantic.

TV Dinner

Even a heated TV dinner can be romantic if the two of you are eating it together in your den watching your favorite show. TV tables make the dinner all the more authentic. Schedule the meal around your must-see-TV, whatever it is, or put on a video of your favorite flick. Of course, frozen dinners are a great option here (and fast and easy). But you could also make your own TV dinner. You could make frozen chicken or Salisbury steak with French fries or corn and a brownie for a dessert. It will look just like those TV dinners and give you the same feel.
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