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Videos on Common Marriage Problems


Marriages have their ups and downs. Some marriages face really serious challenges, including emotional affairs, sexual affairs, sex problems, and a lack of romance. Sometimes, these problems can mean the death of a marriage. But they don't have to. In these About.com videos, you will get help from relationship experts on how to recognize and overcome these common problems in your relationship.

Warning Signs of a Troubled Marriage

Not every problem is a catastrophe, but you have to try and decipher between a run-of-the-mill tiff and major problems between you and your spouse. This video points out the signs about which you should really worry. Of course, the doctor featured in the video encourages couples facing these problems to confront them head on.

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What Is an Emotional Affair?

If you're not sure if you're having an emotional affair, then you should watch this video. It clarifies the definition of an emotional affair and helps you recognize the signs that you might be crossing the line. What the therapist in the video warns couples about is how frequently emotional affairs turn sexual and how that should be avoided.

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Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair

Worried your spouse might be talking to another about the issues he should be discussing with you? Here, you'll learn the signs to determine if he is having an emotional affair. While these affairs are not sexual, they can be just as damaging to a marriage. Therefore, you need to confront the situation and recognize what is happening in your marriage.

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Warning Signs of Cheating Spouses

In this video, you'll learn how to recognize if your spouse is cheating. Of course, one of these signs alone might not be cause for concern. If you are noticing many of these signs, then you might have to worry that your spouse is cheating. Looking for additional privacy, changing schedules, lies about your spouse is, and changes in your sex life can be signs that your spouse is sleeping with someone else. In this video, you'll learn about these signs and others.

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How to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage

When the romance dies, the love is soon to follow. That's why you have to take romance off life support and continue to court each other. In the video, you'll learn of all sorts of ways to woo, including throwing away those old sweats and dressing up for each other once in a while. The point is to put in some effort to prove you are still hot for each other - and that you want to stay that way.

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Common Sexual Problems in Marriage

Sexual problems in a marriage can cause lots of pain and suffering. Sex distinguishes a marriage from all other relationships, reminds the therapist. She also clearly explains the various sexual problems that couples face. She goes through medical and psychological issues that can contribute to these sexual problems. But she also has you consider the everyday responsibilities, such as raising children, that can interrupt your sex life.

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Tips for Dealing with Sexual Problems in a Marriage

Like almost every other marriage problem, lack of communication or poor communication is the crux of the issue. To help you deal with sexual problems in your relationship, the therapist in this video offers tips for discussing with your partner whatever is happening (or not happening) in your sex life.

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Tips for Repairing and Saving Your Marriage

Repairing your marriage when it is broken is no easy task. But separation and divorce don't have to be the answer. You can get back on track with this step-by-step guide on how to deal with any problems or anger that are threatening your marriage.

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