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10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples


Silent Film Stars

Go shopping in your closet because you'll probably find all you need for these costumes. Men can sport a dark suit and a mustache (fake if they don't have one). You can wear your best black dress. A slim fitting one is best because it looks more like something out of the 1920s. Wrap some lace and a bow or rosette around your forehead, like a '20s diva would. Wear heels and vintage jewelry. Then, both of you can carry around signs that you make and print off your computer with text like you would see in a silent film. You can make a few different ones if you'd like to send out different messages throughout the night.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

You could make this costume as a sandwich board similar to the bowling ball and pin costume. Or you can just make a large piece of bread out of oak tag and attach to yourself like a necklace by adhering a piece of ribbon from one side of the "bread" to the other. Obviously, jelly should wear an all-purple sweat suit, while peanut butter should be in beige or brown. On white oak tag make the shape of a piece of bread. You might want to use beige or brown card stock or felt to make crust around the edges and use paint or markers to make purple jelly and brown peanut butter. Paint could be used to make texture for the peanut butter and gloss for the jelly. You can get as creative as you'd like.

American Gothic Painting

Use the famous American Gothic painting as a consultant when making these costumes. Your first order of business is to get a big, cheap wooden frame that the two of you can use to frame yourselves when with friends or mingling at a Halloween party. Of course, take out the glass or plastic and any other filler, so that you just hold the edges of an empty frame when framing yourselves. Then, consider the outfits of the pair in the painting. The woman has her hair parted in the middle and in an up-do and wears a collared shirt with a smock over it. She has a cameo broach at her neck, too. The husband, who must be carrying a three-pronged rake is wearing denim overalls, a white shirt and a black jacket.

Artist and Painting

The artist can carry around an artist's palette - either real or made of cardboard with colored construction paper as the paint chips on it. He or she will wear all black, a beret, and an apron that has been splattered with paint. The painting will carry around a frame - like the one the American Gothic costume requires. To be more authentic, you might do your hair and make-up like a famous painting, such as the Mona Lisa. Or your spouse could just be doing a portrait of you.

Tooth and Tooth Fairy

This costume could require some sewing. You could make a tooth out of oak tag or construction paper and attach it to yourself as you would the sandwich boards for the bowling ball and pin and peanut butter and jelly sandwich costumes. Or you can make a pillow sandwich board. In this case, you would cut a tooth template out of four white sheets or cheap fabric. Then, you would sew two each together and stuff them to form two pillows in the shape of a tooth. Use ribbon or elastic attached to each side of the pillows, so that you can hang them over your shoulders. Wear all white if you're the tooth. The fairy can wear a flouncy skirt and wings that you find at your local party store or dollar store. You could also accessorize with a plastic tiara and a wand that you can make yourself out of wooden skewers and either paper or craft foam.

Pinata and Candy

Those who love to sew might buy a dress or sweat suit and sew brightly colored fabric or felt strips to it to make the outfit look like the ruffles of a traditional Mexican pinata. If you don't like to sew, you can wear a dress or sweat suit and wrap colorful crepe paper - which you adhere with fabric glue or safety pins - to create the same effect. Wrapping one or two cone party hats with the same colorful strips as the outfit is a great accessory for atop your head. There are all sorts of easy-to-make candy costumes. Some people sport a monochrome outfit. You could wear red from head to toe and then adhere a white "m" for m&ms on your belly, for instance. Another clever idea that some have used is dressing like a bag of jelly beans. You would get a transparent garbage bag, cut out holes for your legs in the bottom of the bag, fill it with small, inflated balloons in a variety of colors, then use a ribbon to cinch the bag at your neck - not too tight, of course. Finally, adhere a "Jelly Belly" sign to the center of your bag. Voila, you are candy that might come out of the pinata.

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