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How to Set the Mood for Love


Sex can be a carnival for the senses. But first you have to set the mood for love. Creating a sensual and romantic ambiance - through everything from lighting to the smells wafting through the air - can enhance the sexual experience. Start off by making sure to address all five senses - sight, smell, hearing, taste, and, of course, touch. Here is a guide on how to set the mood for love:

1. Sight - Light the candles for a romantic bedroom.

Couple lying in bed, lit candles in background
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No one looks their best under the bright lights of most houses and apartments. Just take a look at yourself under the fluorescents that are most likely in your bathroom and you will likely wince. So, if you have your lights on a dimmer, put that to use. You might also cover your lamps with a red scarf to make the room have more of a glow. This is a great way to make your bedroom even more romantic, by the way. The best light for sex, however, is candlelight. It's flattering and forgiving to everyone, and it's romantic. Of course, be safe. Consider using electric candle lights. If you prefer the real thing, be sure that you have sturdy candle holders and that you don't keep the flame anywhere near flammable items. You want you and your spouse to burn - with passion that is - and not the house. Finally, make sure you are a vision in whatever you are wearing (or not wearing).

2. Smell - Let the sweet aroma flow.

There are many ways to incorporate smell into your sexual experiences. For one, the candles you light might be scented. Cinnamon and vanilla usually get a man in the mood for love. The perfume of flowers - think delightful gardenias and freesia - can also heighten the ambiance. Of course, you can strategically spray yourself - on your wrists, neck, behind your knees, or other more sensual zones - with your spouse's favorite perfume to get him or her more excited than ever. The scented areas of your body could even guide your spouse on the kissing trail.

3. Hearing - Play beautiful music together.

Music can play a big role in sex. Lots of couples have certain songs to which they enjoy making love. I'm not sure if this goes back to doing it in the backseat of your car with the radio playing or something more profound. But music can definitely help in setting the mood. Some couples prefer rock and roll while others might want soft, classical music in the background. It's subjective, so pick what works for the two of you. Anything with romantic lyrics usually works if you're in doubt.

4. Taste - Feed each other delicious love.

Food can be part of foreplay or even the sex act. You could serve each other aphrodisiacs, such as oysters and strawberries, before you get started. Consider having a romantic dinner at home. Wear your lingerie and feed each other. This is a great form of foreplay because you'll satisfy your hunger before satisfying your hunger. Dessert can literally come next. You can eat whipped cream or chocolate sauce off your spouse's body while making love. You'll certainly be saying, "Yum!"

5. Touch - Dress yourself in softness.

Lingerie can both address sight and touch. Obviously, seeing you clad in a sexy outfit will turn on your spouse. But if you choose soft, silky, and lacy garments, your spouse will get more aroused as he or she touches, embraces, and grabs you. The touch of silk panties or a lace ruffle can help build the excitement. Of course, the simple act of touching your spouse's naked body is often enough to do the trick.
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