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8 Videos to Help You Build a Lasting Marriage


Marriage requires effort. People don't think it does because at the beginning of all great relationships, you are at ease and having fun. But you can't live on the high of early love forever. Eventually, the passion wears off, and you have to work to keep the romance alive and stay connected with one another. There are all sorts of challenges to face, too. From making nice with the in-laws to keeping sex exciting, the to-do list of a spouse is long. Have no fear. These About.com videos should help you build a strong and lasting marriage:

Tips for Creating a Long-Lasting Marriage

In this video, you will get refreshing and creative suggestions for making your marriage last. Rachel Sussman, psychotherapist and relationship expert, reminds couples to make date night a priority - and she has ideas on what to do that you haven't heard before. Sussman offers interesting commentary, even when she is discussing obvious advice that you've probably already received a million times. Her tips make this high-value content.

Tips for Increasing Communication Skills with Your Spouse

Here, Sussman offers a guide to "positive dialoguing," which is a fancy way of saying "good communication." Sure, you and your spouse know how to talk. You might chat about your day or the gossip about your college friend who just lost his job because he was sleeping with the boss. But do you know how to discuss serious issues or how to properly disagree with each other and argue? Most of us do not know how to do this effectively, and this video will offer some steps you can take to talk about anything - even sex, money, in-laws, the future - without hurting each other or damaging your marriage.

Guide to Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages

Love languages probably sounds like some boring self-help book. Yes, it's based on a self-help book, but it's not at all boring. It's really helpful. The idea is to help you understand the way that your spouse wants to receive your love. It helps husbands and wives determine how to better love their spouse. Jane Fendelman, a relationships expert, easily explains Gary Chapman's love languages, so that you can identify where your wife or husband fits in. Then, you can act on it and love your spouse in the best way for him or her.

Marital Sex Statistics

Ok, the title "Marital Sex Statistics" makes this sound like some sort of government report that you'd rather ignore than actually look at. But sex is in the title, people, so you should give it a chance. Here, Jane Fendelman analyzes the statistics about sex and marriage as a venue to give you great sex tips. She clearly explains why women might lose interest in sex, and what men can do to change that, how to keep up the sexual connection after marriage, and why men and women act in the ways they do. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about sex will give you sexual power that could put the zing back in your relationship.

How to Keep the Romance Alive after the Honeymoon

Let's face it, romance often takes a nose-dive after the honeymoon. The bliss of the wedding and honeymoon wears off, you feel as if you've known each other forever, and reality strikes. That's okay. It's normal, in fact. But you don't have to just accept it. You can keep romance alive by nurturing your love. What that means, says couples therapist Irina Firstein, who provides commentary in the video, is to break out of your rut, put in an effort, and commit to having sex with one another. She gives you guidance on how to do all that and more in this brief video.

Tips for Maintaining Interfaith Marriages

Psychologist Dale Atkins talks to viewers like a friend about what to do if you and your spouse have different religions. Her step-by-step guide can help you think through what's important to you, and what kind of relationship you would like to have with your faith. In the video, she also offers some tips for dealing with family members who might not be willing to tolerate a spouse of a different faith and how to deal with religion and raising children, if you plan on having them. Since religion plays a big role in some people's lives, it can get in the way of a relationship if you have different faiths and aren't on the same page. Here you'll find help.

Tips for Getting Along with the In-Laws

Since the beginning of time, people have had trouble with their in-laws. Don't sweat it if you have issues, too. What's important, as Atkins reminds viewers in this video, is to try and establish some sort of connection with your in-laws. She offers great advice on how to become part of the family, including suggestions to determine what in-laws expect of you and what kinds of things they enjoyed doing before you were part of the family. After all, in-laws are just people, like you and me. Sometimes, we all forget that.

Tips for Growing Old Together

Ultimately, your goal as a married person is make your marriage last a lifetime. To have a chance at succeeding, you have to have a long-term vision for your life together. Realize the vision will evolve, but if you start out thinking about growing old together, you will be unable to imagine a life without one another. In this video, Atkins will give you a glimpse at what married life might be like as you get older. She offers advice on how to keep the marriage humming even as you age. It's worth taking a look at this one, even if you feel too young or removed. This video will help you strategize for the years in between, and it will give you something to which you can look forward.
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