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Date Nights for Sporty Couples


Sporty couples usually are in great shape, eat well, and focus on their health. Often, they work out separately and don't consider making their healthy choices part of their romantic ritual. Why not consider making your physical activities among your date night options? If you're not that fit but you'd like to be or you and your spouse simply want to try something different - besides the typical candlelit dinner - then, these suggestions are for you, too. Here are some sporty date night ideas:

1. Batting Cages

Beautiful young couple sitting at bowling alley.
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Throw on your baseball cap and head to the batting cages, where you can swing the bat and see if you still got it, a million years post Little League. Whether you hit one home run after another or miss most pitches, this date will have you feeling like a kid again. In other words, you can't strike out with this date.

2. Bowling

Sure, bowling might have had its day in the '70s and '80s, but you have to admit that a day at the lanes can be fun. Besides, everything retro is sexy these days. And you and your spouse can make the shirts and even the rented shoes snazzy. For the ultimate bowling experience, find bowling alleys that offer midnight or disco bowling with funky lights and music. Don't forget to nurse beers and avoid gutter balls. Of course, replace post-strike high fives with kisses.

3. Miniature Golf

True golf enthusiasts can, of course, opt for a real course and real round of golf. But the miniature version - replete with its windmill holes and tiny pencils for keeping score - usually bring on more giggles. Be sure to saddle up behind your spouse to show him or her how to take a swing at least once whether the lesson is necessary or not.

4. One-on-One Basketball

Basketball with its sprinting and strategy is a good way to keep both body and mind in shape. A one-on-one game at the local park can stoke the embers of your love, not to mention your competitive drive. If playing your best two out of three for 20 points a piece is too much for you, try H-O-R-S-E. To play, one of you makes a basket in a particular way and from a particular spot and the other must replicate it. When you miss, you get a letter, and the game continues until one of you garners all the letters to spell out H-O-R-S-E and therefore declares the other the winner. First prize should be a big hug and kiss...at home in your underwear.

5. Running

Runners often attract one another. If the two of you like to race to the finish, then you should run together. Feel free to make it a race. If you want to pump up the romance, leave a love letter for your beloved at the finish line. Just remember to express your pride at his or her running prowess, even if you win. Sore winners or losers don't usually get lucky back at home.

6. Take in a Game

Okay, so this suggestion won't have you being very active. Basically, you'll just be cheering or jeering, depending on whether your team is winning. But a couple who is sporty can also appreciate other athletes. As a result, taking in a professional (or even amateur) sports team is a great way to pass some time together. Celebrate home runs, touchdowns, or points scored by your favored team. If you're rooting for opposing teams, display a bit of friendly rivalry.

7. Swimming

You can both take a dip in the ocean and swim together. Just be sure to keep it less professional than you would normally when you take a swim. In other words, flirt with one another. Swim close and hug. If you have your own pool and some privacy, you can always go skinny dipping. A sexy swim like that can lead to all kinds of fun.

8. Horseback Riding

This one might be costly and hard to do in certain places. But a quick online search might uncover places nearby, where you can go horseback riding with your beloved. There's a certain freedom in sitting atop a galloping horse amid nature. There's something very romantic about it, too. Just be sure to listen to the instructors and take safety precautions because this one can be dangerous for you and the horse. There's nothing sexy about an injury. No one wants a date that ends in the emergency room.

9. Cycling

Why not rent bikes and ride in a beautiful park or even on nearby roads? You'll feel like little kids again and you'll be doing something great for the environment by giving your car a rest for once. Plus, you can take your bikes to parks, museums, picnic areas or anywhere you want to go, which means you will have two dates in one. You can't beat that.
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