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Date Nights for Foodies


The couple that feeds each other, loves each other. If you enjoy fine foods and trying new dishes, then you might like date nights for foodies. These are dates that don't really have to take place at night but revolve around food. You might be doing the cooking or you might be a guest at a restaurant, but you'll always be eating. Here are some ideas for date nights for foodies:

1. The Farmer's Market

There's nothing like walking around the farmer's market, especially if you are from a milder climate that has a winter because you only get to go to these open-air markets, where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold, a couple of months per year. You can plan on making this date a regular happening for the months when the market is open, and it will always be a different experience. In the spring, you might indulge in peas, whereas in the summer, you'll pick up watermelon. And in the fall, think apples, pumpkins, and squashes. If you find a really great farmer's market, it might have pick-your-own opportunities (such as pick-your-own apples or pick-your-own pumpkins), hayrides, or a bakery full of freshly baked pies with seasonal fruits. The date doesn't end when you leave the market either. You get to go home and cook together using all the ingredients you garnered on your trip.

2. Cooking Class

There are so many options for cooking classes. An online search will uncover courses in your area. Nowadays, you can even hire chefs to come to your house to teach you and your spouse how to make a particular dish. Sometimes, you can even find chefs who will host a cooking party in your home, and you could have your couples friends come over. Make it a double date or triple date in that case.

3. Fondue Night

You probably received a fondue set as a wedding gift. It's something people often give, and couples usually put it up on a shelf and never take it down. Instead, why not whip that baby out and melt some cheese and beer or go with a fondue dessert and make smooth chocolate for dipping strawberries, pineapple or cake pops. Nothing makes you sing quite like fondue. Before you just try to melt that cheese in the fondue pot, try to find a recipe. It's pretty simple to do, but you can't just melt stuff willy nilly in there. And if you don't have a fondue pot, you can usually produce similar results in your slow cooker.

4. Pizza Night

Much like fondue night, this revolves around a theme. You decide to put pizza on the menu. Instead of just taking out, you can make your own pizza. If you're an advanced chef, you can make your own dough and tomato sauce and build your pizza from there. If you're a novice (or too busy for all that), you can buy dough in the supermarket or from your local pizzeria (it's usually even better from there) and jarred tomato sauce. Then, pick up your favorite toppings, load them on, and put those babies in the oven. Make a salad on the side.

5. The "It" Restaurant

Every neighborhood (and certainly every nearby city) has that one restaurant that everyone is dying to try. There are lines and waitlists for reservations. It's usually uber-expensive, but if you and your spouse are true foodies and willing and able to splurge, then you can put yourselves on the list and try the dishes that everyone are talking about. During the meal, you can play food critics and discuss what you're eating, the ambiance in the restaurant, the choice of recommended wines. There's built-in conversation to boot. And, sometimes, you just need a night out on the town. Make sure to dress up and make a big deal of it, too.

6. Cuisines of the World

If you're a serious foodie, you might want to make a weekly ritual of your meals. For instance, you could set aside Saturday night for trying out interesting recipes from around the world. You can have Chinese Saturday one weekend, Mexican Saturday another, and Ethiopian Saturday on yet another. It's a great way to broaden your horizons, keep from always eating the same things, getting out of your comfort zone, and doing something interesting together. Of course, even if only one of you is doing the cooking, you both must eat together. Set the table to match the theme if you can and always light candles because that just makes the meal more romantic and delicious.
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