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Holiday Cards for Couples


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Holiday Cards for Couples
Holiday Mix - Storkie

There are many different kinds of holiday cards from which couples can choose. © Photo courtesy of Storkie Express.

Holiday cards have become as much a part of the merriest season as eggnog, dreidels, and the man in a red suit. And newlyweds have the luxury of getting rather creative with the holiday cards, especially those featuring photos. While it might be strange to send friends and family a card of yourself as a single gal or guy on the town, it is socially acceptable - and even encouraged - to send pics once you are part of a couple, especially if you've gotten married. So, what kind of card should you send exactly? Well, the options are limited only by your creativity. If you are looking for ideas on how to wow your loved ones with a fabulous holiday card, here are some recommendations (and photos) for doing just that:
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