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Videos with Anniversary Gift Ideas


Coming up with the perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas can be a challenge. Whether you've been married one year or 60, you want to find a gift that suits your spouse's taste and pays homage to the milestones you've reached in your marriage. These videos offer great anniversary gift ideas for the various stages of marriage:

Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

So, you're a traditional couple? Well, then paper is the gift to give each other for your first wedding anniversary. This video offers tons of suggestions on how to incorporate paper into your gift. And we're not talking about boring ol' tickets to something. These are specific ideas that take the paper gift to a new level. Think maps and scrapbooks.

Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Everyone knows about paper as the traditional first wedding anniversary gift. But you probably didn't know that the modern gift suggestion is a clock. In this video, you'll discover interesting ways to incorporate clocks into your anniversary gift. You'll be surprised at the many options.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

If you're in need of ideas for these early wedding anniversaries, then you won't be disappointed by this video. It is chock full of suggestions - both traditional and modern - for each of these three newlywed anniversaries - second, third, and fourth. You might not expect there are so many options for each anniversary. This video includes the type of gift that is usually given but also the gemstone and flower associated with each.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

The fifth wedding anniversary is the first milestone after your first anniversary. It marks a half a decade together, which might not seem like much but is an achievement in the age of divorce and separation. Of course, you'll want to mark the occasion by giving your spouse a special memento. The traditional gift is wood, but there are many other options, including the fifth anniversary flower, which is daisy. You'll learn how to give the traditional gift a modern twist or go an entirely different route in this video.

6th to 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

By now, you're starting to have trouble coming up with gift ideas for your spouse. This video will give you a hand by telling you the traditional and modern gift suggestions and specific ways to incorporate those ideas into your gift. Here, you'll learn that candy, which represents the sweetness of your marriage, is the right gift for anniversary number six. It's a delicious celebration.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

With the big 1-0, you actually don't have to spend a lot of money. The traditional gift is one of tin or aluminum, which is quite affordable. If you opt for the gemstone, on the other hand, you'll be buying each other diamonds. You might also surprise your spouse with a vow renewal celebration. You'll learn about these suggestions and lots more in the video.

11th to 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

After that first decade of marriage, you want to make your anniversaries more special than ever. After all, you've made it pretty far, and your proud of your spouse. In this video, you'll learn about all the modern and traditional gift ideas. You'll learn, for example, that ivory is the traditional gift for anniversary number 14. Since that's a hard material to come by these days, the video offers a couple of unique ways to include it all the same. One is a safari to see the ivory on elephants, but an you guess the second suggestion?

21st to 24th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Surpassing two decades of marriage is cause for celebration, and you'll want to find a great gift for your beloved. You might think that the ideas for these anniversaries are stale because you've already exchanged so many gifts, and these are non-milestones, but you'll learn in the video that the modern gift ideas for these anniversaries are unexpected. For instance, the 24th anniversary calls for musical instruments as gifts. Anything from the kazoo to the grand piano will do.

Gift Suggestions for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

Silver, silver, silver is all you can think of with the 25th wedding anniversary. But if you think silver jewelry or silver-plated ornaments or plates are all you have at your disposal, then you haven't seen this video. There are many other ideas for silver gifts. And you can always forego tradition and consider some of the other suggestions, such as the 25th anniversary flower.

26th to 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

By now you're probably doubtful that whoever made up this list of modern gifts for wedding anniversaries is running out of ideas. But you'll be surprised by the depth of creativity. For the 27th anniversary, the modern gift is sculpture. Since that can be pricey, the video offers suggestions on how to stick with the sculpture theme without having to purchase original art.
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