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Videos to Help You Plan Your Wedding Anniversaries


Wedding anniversaries - from your 1st to your 60th - are big accomplishments. In this day and age, when many people divorce, arriving at milestone anniversaries is reason to celebrate. But sometimes it's hard to come up with clever ideas on just how to mark the occasion. Fear not. These handy videos offer a slew of suggestions for each of the important wedding anniversaries you will reach throughout your lifetime together:

How to Plan Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Getting through the first year of marriage, which many people say is the hardest, is a big accomplishment, even if you feel like a novice. There are a number of traditions - from giving and receiving paper gifts to eating the top tier of your wedding cake (assuming you froze it). But in this video, you'll learn of some other unknown traditions - including the traditional first anniversary flowers - that might spur your creativity.

How to Plan Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

After a decade of marriage, you want to woo your spouse all over again. But you might not want to spend a bundle. No problem. The traditional gift for this one is tin or aluminum, which were costly back in the day but quite affordable today. Of course, if you want to go modern, you'll be buying diamonds. You'll learn this and some other interesting ways to celebrate, including suggestions on how to incorporate the number "10" into your plans, in this video.

How to Plan Your 20th Wedding Anniversary

You might be surprised to learn that the traditional 20th anniversary gift is china, and the modern choice is an emerald or yellow diamond. Since anniversaries don't have to be about the gifts, you can always opt for a special celebration. You can get ideas on ways to pay homage to the two decades you have spent together in this video.

How to Plan Your 25th Wedding Anniversary

For many the 20th wedding anniversary is overshadowed and all together bypassed in favor of the 25th wedding anniversary. Lots of people have lavish parties that are doused in silver, the traditional color and gift, of the 25th anniversary. While this video provides examples of how to incorporate silver into the celebration, it also offers some more thoughtful and affordable ideas, including writing a poem in a silver pen and creating a scrapbook.

How to Plan Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

This is a fun one because it has couples bathing themselves and their festivities in ruby red, the traditional color of love and 40th wedding anniversaries. The more anniversaries you celebrate, the rarer your relationship becomes. This is a big one so go big, suggests the video. Even if you can't afford ruby jewelry, you can send out ruby red invitations and throw a party with ruby red decorations. If you prefer a more low-key celebration, you can always opt for some of the other more subdued suggestions in the video, such as making a family slide show of your 40 years together.

How to Plan Your 50th Wedding Anniversary

The big 5-0 is a definite milestone and one worth celebrating either with family and friends or just the two of you. If you're up for it, consider taking a trip of a lifetime. It is also a great time to renew your vows. It's the Golden Anniversary, so this video offers all sorts of ideas on how to incorporate gold into the occasion.

How to Plan Your 60th Wedding Anniversary

You can't let your 60th wedding anniversary go by without recognizing it. Most couples never reach this coveted milestone, and it is accomplishment of which you should be proud. Not surprisingly, this is the diamond anniversary. If diamonds are too expensive and lavish for your taste, there are ways to incorporate diamond white into your celebration, which you can learn about by watching the video.
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