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Anniversary Toasts


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Coming up with the right words to celebrate a couple's anniversary - or your own anniversary for that matter - can be a challenge. You have to put some thought into honoring the couple, reflecting on their accomplishments and life together up to that point, and waxing philosophical about the future. Of course, you want it to be warm and touching, but you also want to connect with the people hearing it. Maybe you want it to be humorous. Maybe you want it to make a certain point about the special couple celebrating their anniversary. No matter what, you will need inspiration. Here are some suggestions for anniversary toasts that you can personalize or use to brainstorm your own speech:

To the husband, to the wife, you are a shining example of love and all that it can accomplish. As a role model for other couples, you have given birth to beautiful children, created a home fit for royalty, and loved each other unconditionally. When you share this much love, you guarantee a bright and happy future. Congratulations!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. After all these years, your love is still true. There are many more good times on the horizon. May your love continue to be mesmerizin'.

Few people find everlasting love, and even fewer are able to keep a marriage strong year after year. You should be proud of accomplishing both. Raise your glasses to a future just as enduring.

To the husband, to the wife, may you continue to have a happy life.

Marriage is the birth of a family. Today marks your family's birthday. If I were you, I'd blow out the candles and wish for as much happiness and love as you've shared over the years. Certainly, with such a perfectly suited pair, that wish will come true.

If the old saying, "Happy wife, happy life" is true, then the two of you should have double the happiness. You have a happy wife and a happy husband. Keep that up, and you should have smiles all around for years to come.

Marriage isn't easy. There are ups and downs. There are many challenges. There are even failures. You have worked through the difficult times together, and you have come out the other side stronger and more committed to one another. Now, you better appreciate the good times. With that kind of teamwork and strength behind you, the future can only get better and better.

Love will continue to guide you on your journey together. Knowing that should make you feel secure that there is more happiness and fun on its way.

May you never fight over the remote control, continue to kiss each other passionately, and dream together forever.

Couples who pursue dreams together, stay together. The two of you have made your fantasies of a strong family, accomplished careers, and happy home a reality. Not many people can pull that off. You should be proud, and you are revered. Keep dreamin' for many years to come. Cheers.

Best friends who marry are lucky. They get to live and share with the person who knows and understands them best and with whom they have the most fun. Judging from your years together and how you act around one another, you two are the luckiest people on the planet. Keep that luck alive, and nothing will get in the way of your wedded bliss, not now, not ever.

May your bank accounts grow richer, your sex life sweeter, and your memories more beautiful with every anniversary that is yet to come.

Happy anniversary to the perfect pair of lovebirds. It's a joy to hear you still cooing over one another. May you always be birds of a feather.

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