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Share Your Feelings Already

By February 14, 2013

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Well, there are only a few more hours left of Valentine's Day. I know some of you would rather ignore this holiday invented by card companies. I have heard all the gripes before. Forget about the cards, chocolates, and roses. Instead of focusing on the material side of this invented holiday, gush about your partner a little today. Tell your spouses how special your love is, how much it grows from year to year, what you'd like to do them when they get home. Hug a little. Kiss a little. Sex, at least a little. And just think of Valentine's Day as a terrific excuse to share your feelings - in words or letter - and not to invest in meaningless trinkets or cards that will get tossed. Now, go on. You don't have much time to start spilling.

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February 19, 2013 at 8:48 pm
(1) caedwards says:

Valentines day wasn’t invented by a corp, blown out of proportion by the industry…yes. However, valentine was a real person, in short he continued to perform marriage against the law. He, himself in love with a woman beyond his availability. In the end he was caught and tourtured leaving a note for his love signed, your valentine. Part of his punishment /tourture/humiliation. Was his heart being displayed as a warning to others. Hence the heart for valentines day. Lets be honest, the actual heart is ugly, the heart we all know and use is based on a womens bottom just upside down.
Dont get me wrong, love should be everyday and I hate that everything cost twice as much on the 14th but for some, its important and for me its a real tragedy yet beautiful at the same time

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