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Francesca  Di Meglio

Help with Birth Control

By February 12, 2013

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Anyone who closely reads this blog knows that I often watch the MTV reality series Teen Moms. I'm drawn to the drama, and I find myself pulling for these young women, who find themselves thrust into raising a little bit of our future when they themselves have not completely grown up yet. Last night, I watched a finale special. I'm not sure how new it was. But Dr. Drew Pinsky was trying to convince one of the teen girls, who already has twins and recently had a miscarriage, that having another baby would just cause her more problems. He directed her and the audience to the Web site bedsider.org for information on birth control. It occurred to me that this site, although clearly geared toward a younger audience, is appealing to newlyweds, too.

The fact is that most newlyweds are sexually active with one another. If you don't have the right birth control, you could end up getting pregnant before you are ready and regardless of whether you want a child in the first place. The Web site provides a great inventory of the various birth control methods available to you. It could be a great starting point for couples trying to decide how to responsibly have sex. Then, in time, you and your spouse can discuss if and when to get off the birth control and start planning for a family. My one criticism of the site is the ad for the oversharing app that has people - presumably teens - sharing details of their sex life on social networks. I'm not sure any good can come from it. And I certainly would not want my kid making such posts rather than talking to me about sex. I guess it's finally happened; I'm just an old married lady now. That's fine by me.

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