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Francesca  Di Meglio

Caught Cabin Fever Yet?

By February 11, 2013

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For once, I actually don't have cabin fever, despite having spent the entire weekend under piles of snow and locked in the house with a stomach flu and nursing my son through the same illness. You see, we spent a few weeks in Florida in January, so I'm okay about having to stay home for a while. But I can imagine that those of you who live in a colder climate like mine are pretty much sick of winter by now. You and your spouse might even be getting on each other's nerves. I know how that can be.

If you're blue because the skies remain gray and the ground remains white (or yellow and black by now) with snow, then start planning a romantic getaway. Consider nearby bed and breakfasts, a road trip that will take you down south to warmer climates, or something fancier that will have you jetting away from the sub-zero temperatures for a while. If you do like the snow, you could consider something closer to home that will have you skiing and snowboarding, rather than shoveling the white stuff. Whatever you do, don't stay in the house - unless you would rather stay in bed with your beloved for extended periods of time. Nothing wrong with that. If the two of you are doing anything else  in the house, however, you'll probably start arguing a lot. That's never good. Trust me. Florida was the best thing that happened to my peace of mind, my winter, and my marriage. After all, there's nothing like a little sunshine to cure the winter blues and boost your romance quotient.

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February 19, 2013 at 9:09 pm
(1) caedwards says:

Your advice is of course fantastic, theres nothing like being yourselves together rather than being always mummy and daddy but how?? Ive 2 wonderful children (5 & 4 yrs) I consider myself very lucky as my family are always around to help, we have date nights. Even big family meals when everyone else deals with the toilet runs, tanturums or just keeping them entertained. But to ask for a whole weekend or 3 day mid-week. Can I ask that?? is it fair to ask?? I feel guilty just thinking of asking my mum…..do a lot of you out there ask your parents to take this on??i thought it was a BIG ask but maybe not….

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