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Francesca  Di Meglio

When Parents Disagree

By January 15, 2013

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So far, my husband and I haven't disagreed much in raising our son. But he's only 15 months old. I can already anticipate a couple of disagreements when we hit the terrible teens. My husband thinks my son should play the field and have many girlfriends. I would like him to be respectful of women and take relationships seriously, even in his youth. I don't think he has to marry his first girlfriend, but I want him to treat people well, especially people he chooses to date. My husband thinks I'm too serious. Also, he would like our son to learn to drive a motorino, a motor scooter, when we visit his native Italy. I refuse to allow this. I think motorini are far too dangerous. Besides, the island we're from is small enough and safe enough for walking. In any event, I hope that when the time comes to really disagree about these points in child rearing that we can do it with grace. I hope we can communicate with one another and reach compromise and resolution. I have seen disagreements about parenting absolutely destroy relationships. And most people don't talk enough about the specifics until after their first child is born and issues start to come up. I know we didn't. What about you?

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