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Francesca  Di Meglio

Proof You Need a Pre-Nup

By January 2, 2013

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I was sad to hear that Bethenny Frankel is separating from her husband of three years, Jason Hoppy. I watched her on The Real Housewives of New York, while she searched for the one and began to build the media empire over which she now rules. And I more excitedly watched her spin-off shows as she planned her wedding, had her baby, and tried to make her marriage work. As always, I was pulling for the couple to make it. As always, I had my doubts, especially since these two were living it all under the microscope of reality TV. While I'm not shocked to hear the news of the split, I'm disappointed. I can only imagine how heartbroken they both are and how difficult this will be for their child moving forward. Since many have reported that Hoppy is still wearing his wedding ring, I'm hopeful that they'll make things work.

If they don't and the couple goes forward with a divorce, then the biggest issue - besides amicably co-parenting their daughter, which is a priority, they have said - will be money. Frankel accumulated millions since appearing on Housewives. The two have signed a pre-nup agreement, which one site says will help Frankel maintain her wealth and businesses regardless of what happens in her marriage. On the other hand, ABC reports that she might have to pay up. Regardless, there is no question that she will have some protection with the pre-nup. To have a pre-nup is better than to not have one when you are making this kind of money. If you didn't get a prenuptial agreement, you can still sign a post-nup, which can protect you now and well into the future.

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January 4, 2013 at 8:12 am
(1) Regina says:

I did not believe in pre nups when i married 35 years ago. (they were a new thing back then) In todays world you can predict what can happen
I think every one needs one to protect themselves and their children
It can not hurt to have one if everything goes well OK if it doesn’t you are protected

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