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Francesca  Di Meglio

Do You Resent Advice?

By November 6, 2012

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I know this question sounds strange coming from me, the Guide to Newlyweds, who doles out advice to you pretty much on a daily basis. But I have noticed that some people resent getting marriage advice from anyone, especially their loved ones but also from people like me. That's all right. I think hearing advice from people in your family, friends, or even experts has you dissecting their own relationships. Why is your mother telling you how to keep hubby happy when she often argues with her husband, your father? Why should I tell you how to make your marriage last when I have a long-distance marriage, which, as a result, can be more vulnerable than traditional marriages? How dare your newlywed friends give you a guide to marriage when they have only been at this for five minutes and you've been married for years. I get it. While I agree, the messenger has to choose words and actions carefully and offer the advice in a constructive, well-mannered, and thoughtful way, I still think that we can all stand to learn from one another, whether we've been married one day or 75 years. I will continue to share advice that I pick up from my observations and studies of the human relationship. And I hope all of you will share any marriage advice you have for me right here on this site. I am humble enough to admit that, no matter how much I learn about marriage, I can always stand to have more help.

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