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Can Married Couples Go without Sex?


Last night, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon an episode of 20/20 on WE Women's Entertainment. There was a group of young people -- in their twenties and thirties -- discussing the fact that they call themselves asexual and have no interest in having sex -- ever. One of them had created a Web site, which helped those who identified themselves as asexuals to find one another and discuss issues that concern them. Some of the people featured on the show were married asexuals.

One couple in particular, said the show's host in a post-segment commentary, tried having sex once after the show aired but decided it wasn't right for them. This group argues that you can be as intimate without sex as you are with sex. They say that they marry for companionship but have no intention of consummating their relationships. They seem perfectly content with their lifestyle.

I say live and let live. But I personally want to have children the old-fashioned way if possible, and I'm physically attracted to my husband-to-be Antonio, and I want to act on those feelings and reach yet another level of intimacy with him. What do you think? Can married couples go without sex? Will their relationships be as successful, more successful, or less successful? Leave your comments below. I can't wait to get the discussion started.

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